the hills

  1. H

    The Hills Season 6

    i want to find out a song the lyrics went like: cause this love, this love is a miracle plzzz help me out!! i just remember i think it was close to the end of the show
  2. Iamdyinghere

    The Hills MTV UK "Brace Yourself" advert

    Just wondering if anyone knows the kind of heavy electronic track that plays in the new MTV The Hills season 5 advert. The advert is a party scene where some of the people there are wearing neck braces, because they all turn thier heads for a particular girl that walks through. The girl then...
  3. S

    The Hills Season 5

    hey , does anyoone know the song that was playing in the hills , season 5 : when spencer went to the bar and hiedi went to colorado : it was the last song playing of the episode please , i really want to know the name .
  4. K

    Whitney From The Hills to The City

    Sooo...some songs featured in this mini look back to whitney's stay on the hills i cannot find! 1st goes something like "i can see you losing focus tight jeans ride with me slide with me gotta get.." kinda hiphopish/dancy, guy and girl singing 2nd "fashion lights exposed killin it", girl...
  5. jca

    The Hills Season 4

    "We'll Never Be Friends" Season 4 Episode 1 (Episode 401) Music "Bring On The Day (Instrumental)" by Vaughan Penn Download original version from Amazon. "When I Grow Up" by Pussycat Dolls Download it from Amazon. "I'm Gone, I'm Going" by Lesley Roy Download it from Amazon. "The Last One I...
  6. jca

    Sell Out to Break Out?

    As a follow-up to the interview we did for this ABC News article -- Ad Music Brings in Big Exposure for Artists -- about TV commercials as a venue for new music artists like Yael Naim and Sara Bareilles: "It's completely taken over as a first-hear venue for new artists," said Jon C. Allen...
  7. L

    The Hills Season 3

    Hi, I watched the season premiere of The Hills tonight and I heard a song that I liked but I can't seem to find it. Some of the lyrics are I dont know if that helps, and I know its only a small phrase. If someone could find out I would greatly appreciate it Thanks
  8. M

    The Hills Season 2

    On the season premiere of The Hills, the last song they play during that episode is some really depressing version of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"... it's a slow piano ballad sung by a guy. Anyone know the guy / band 's name? Thanks!
  9. J

    The Hills

    Hey Mtv Has The New Trailer Up For the Show The Hills I Was Wondering If Anyone New The Song That Started at the Beginning Of The Trailer....If Anyone Knows Thanks The Hills Trailer
  10. R

    The Hills Season 1

    Hi, does anyone happen to know the song played on the Hills Preview after the Laguna Beach Finale? it's the one with the girl's voice and it goes something like "i can't sleep so i woke up from this dream...cause it's time for me to make a change" and in the end it keeps repeating "something's...