1. M

    Starz Encore

    Does anyone know the name of the song currently running in the promo's on Starzencore? Some of the lyrics are as follows. If we can find a way, I know it's gonna take some time, til we find our way, we're gonna make it to the other side? Thanks for any help
  2. L

    Starz Tomorrowland

    This is my first post, so hi everyone. I am looking for a song that was used in a very recent promo Starz aired for their premiere of Tomorrowland. I don't think it's airing anymore (as the movie just recently premiered on the channel) and I can't find it anywhere online. I'm posting this as a...
  3. genobreaker


    Starz started running a new promo between movies on Kids and Family that had really catchy music. Its the promo featuring Strange Magic, The Raven, Paul Blart 2, and a few others. The song has a male singer, sounds pop or alternative, and I distinctly remember hearing lyric chains of "like a...
  4. W

    Ash vs Evil Dead

    The music that kicks in with the original Evil dead footage
  5. C

    Starz movies

    I'd like to know the song behind a Starz (I believe...!) commercial from several years ago. It showed clips from several movies, all silent except for, I think, Jim Carrey saying "Smoking" in "The Mask" and an animated girl saying "boo." The singing was unintelligible, muted...a male's voice...


    Trailer 2 1. Two steps from hell - Heart of courage 2. Audiomachine - Lachrimae
  7. I


    Hi, I've been trying to identify the music of this trailer (starts at 0:36 secs) Any help would be appreciated!
  8. W


    Does anyone know what song is played during the new Starz commercial. From what I can tell some of the lyrics are: 'The world is upside down but now your here Will you stay?'
  9. S

    The White Queen

    I am looking for the song that is playing in the very latest commercial trailer for the White Queen on Starz. Not the Coves Wicked Game version. It is the most recent commercial that they have been playing. I have looked everywhere. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  10. S

    Spartacus War of the Damned

    Looking hard for this drum song Spartacus: War of the Damned 3x09 Promo Thanx for any help!
  11. G


    Guys, there was a release of The Boss Original Soundtrack, so i want to know if there is a way to download it free. There is a list of tracks ( I underlined the ones I'm most interested in): 01. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Boss Remix) - Robert Plant 02. Lizard Dream (feat. Michael...
  12. C


    Hey there peeps, this is about a year old, it is Starz channel Boss Se 1 teaser, but anyone knows the piece playing on this trailer or is it an original piece? Thanks
  13. U

    Starz movie channel promo

    Does anyone know the names of the song and artist on the current starz movie channel promo ad? It is a rock song. Can't make out who it is. I need help. It's driving me crazy and I want to know the name of the song and artist. Thanks.
  14. P


    There is a brand new STARZ commercial where the cast of Spartacus and Party Down and a bevy of other shows are all dressed up and dancing. What is the song playing please?
  15. C

    Starz "Are You Ready"

    i saw this new commercial for Starz, advertising some of their shows this season. && there was this really catchy song playing , the lyrics fit the Starz Theme of "Are You Ready?" && repeated "ready to go" throughout the song . anyone know what this song is ? would be much appreciated ...
  16. S


    I was just remembering a song on an old Starz Movie commercial that had a very popular song that they put their own lyrics to with the tune. It was a popular commercial and it just had lyrics that said "Movies..Movies...Movies...Movies..Movies..Movies....Moooovies" etc. Anybody know what song...