1. M

    Women's World Cup Fox Sports

    What exactly is the song that has been playing in some of their review segments? Can be heard in some of these below: First 5 seconds of this video: Throughout this video: Throughout the coverage of the World Cup final as well. Sounds like there is a woman singing in it, but she just sings...
  2. N

    Fox Sports 1

    So there is a song that fox sports 1 plas during their commercial Promo music it might have been on a beer commercial too. It sounds like a rock or pop Rock song and I think the chorus goes and emphasizes on.... Na na naaaaaa... na na naaaaa... naaa na na na naa na na na na na. It sounds like a...
  3. A

    World Cup's Most Shocking Moments

    Any one knows the name of the thrilling tune in this link:
  4. Cindy90210

    YUWA for USA

    Can anyone tell me what's the song is playing in the background of this video
  5. nmichave

    FIFA World Cup Brazil "Time Zone"

    Shazam and Soundhound did not recognize the music.
  6. P

    FIFA 14

    Hey, Can anyone tell me the soundtrack played in the background of "FIFA 14 Next Gen - Lionel Messi" commercial? Here is the link: Thank you, in advance! :)
  7. B

    Dubai Sports Bundesliga

    Hi , Need help please to find the name for the music in below video starting from 1:32 , I assume it for immediate music but couldn't find it .
  8. D

    ESPN MLS Cup

    Does anyone know the name of the song in this commercial? Thanks in advance.
  9. R

    Pepsi Romania Gheorghe Hagi and Marius Moga football

    Does anyone knows what song is in this commercial? Is not an american one, but I found it on other forum and seems that no one knows who is the singer!
  10. V

    PES 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer

    plz help me all the name song in this video. Thank alot :D
  11. Guest

    ESPN2 Soccer USA vs Costa Rica

    Heard this music being played during the lineup commentary for the US / Costa Rica game. Had to record it on my phone and upload a clip; can anyone help ID? Couldn't use Shazam / SoundHound due to the commentary.
  12. C

    Nike Soccer "Streetball" Edgar Davids

    Hey, I was watching a very old Nike Soccer commercial featuring Edgar Davids, does anyone know this song?
  13. F

    Fox Soccer Channel

    I was wondering if any one knew the song used it the FSC commercial where they guy bounces a ball on his head all day (becuase thats what his thinking about), its got some girl singing, i havent seen it today, and i wanted to see it again before i posted but haven't in like 2 days. Hopefully...
  14. K

    ESPN World Cup

    What song is in the ESPN World Cup Commercial with Bono narrating?
  15. M

    UEFA Champions League

    Hello, I'm looking for the name and author of the song in TV commercial for UEFA Champions League made by Ford. They always broadcast it with the commercial for Playstation2. I think the song comes from the World Cup 98' in France, but I'm not sure about that...