1. D

    ESPN NBA 2006 Playoffs highlights

    I've heard this for several years and can't find anything. Tried with no luck, anyone have any ideas? It starts at 53 seconds and runs to 1:13
  2. X

    NBA on ABC

    I've always wondered if there was a song name for the background track that the NBA plays during its copyright promo. I would love to hear the full track if it exists. It's in the first 10 seconds of the video.
  3. T

    NBA Wilt Chamberlain late 1990s early 2000s

    Hi guys I remember this NBA commercial from the late 90's or early 2000s. It was either an I love this game or an NBA at 50 commercial but it had Wilt Chamberlain talking and this female singing in the background. Kind of like Enya or similar. Would love to know what the heck it was. Any ideas...
  4. M

    NBA All-Star Game

    Hey, what is the name of the song that was playing after Flo Rida performed before they introduced the Slam Dunk contestants?
  5. D

    NBA Dunkfest Blake Griffin vs Knicks

    Can someone please tell me the music in this clip
  6. K

    NBA Finals 2011 Michael Jordan

    Anyone know what the piano is?
  7. A

    NBA All-Star 2011

    If you reply i can send you an email with the video of the comercial, cause i dont know if i can do this on this site im new to it... In the comercial that had played on TBS when i was watching Bedtime Stories i heard the music for a song that i have been really anxious to find the name of... i...
  8. T

    TNT 2009 NBA Playoffs "Chess"

    Hey guys, Any ideas to what the song in this commercial is? thanks
  9. F

    NBA All-Star 2010

    Hi i was just watching fast and furious on TNT and they had a commercial for the 2010 NBA All Star game and they had a song playing and a guy dancing and what not that sounded like Usher and i was really hoping someone could help me out and tell me what song that was playing during that , thank...
  10. TermiATT

    NBA "Where Wow Happens"

    hey there guys, been looking for this one since days: new inspiring classic music. anybody got an idea? this commercial is not even spread on youtube or anything :/
  11. Crw

    NBA All-Star 2009 Where Amazing Happens

    What is the sdtk in the following NBA All-Star '09 Commercial filmed after event ? p.s. That's not "Where Will Amazing Happen This Year?" ad and not Carly Comando - Everyday...
  12. P

    NBA Cares

    Does anyone know the music to this commercial: its just piano, drums, and maybe bass, but im having a hard time finding it. It may be just stock music, but im also having a hard time thinking of what genre to search under. Any help would be...
  13. F

    Orlando Magic Playoffs

    Does anyone know what this is from, I think its a movie, but im not sure. The Orlando Magic use it in all their playoff commercials and not knowing what is its making me crazy. Its been racking my brain for weeks now. You can hear it by clicking the link below. The video is from last year but...
  14. F

    Spalding 25 Years of NBA Basketball

    Anyone know the song? Thanks
  15. S

    NBA Playoffs 2009 "Where Will Amazing Happen?"

    I was hoping that someone could tell me the name of the song used in this commercial: Thanks.
  16. P

    TNT TBS NBA All-Star Game Promos

    I know I know the song from somewhere, but there are no lyrics in the ads for the upcoming NBA All-Star game. Can anyone give me song and artist? Thanks!
  17. H

    NBA on TNT

    If anyone was watching the Bulls (yay) vs. Cavs game last night, there was a song being played as half-time was ending. It was a female singer. Some of the lyrics were "go go all night"... Very sexy song!! Please, please help. Thanks so much in advance!!
  18. S

    Knicks 2009 Opening

    whats the song playing during the opening video of the knicks?
  19. J

    NBA "There Can Only Be One"

    I am looking for the music in this commercial. If any one knows please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. In this commercial, two basketball players, Lebron and KG are split screened and deliver the same message.
  20. M

    NBA "Where Amazing Happens"

    Looking for the name of the piano peice from a NBA commercial i found the commercial on youtube: thanks