1. G

    UFC 143 Primetime Diaz vs Condit

    I'm wondering if someone can help me to find the song which is played around 2:45 . I'm talking about that guitar kind music. Please help people, I'm looking for it half year straight and still nothing. I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks for respond ! In case here is link:
  2. S

    UFC Anderson Silva vs Cael Sonnen Anyone know the name of the classical song played during the commercial? Thanks!
  3. chillinvillain

    Metro PCS "MMA"

    Anyone know this? Sound's kinda Clint Mansell'ish but not sure
  4. S

    UFC Undisputed 3

    whats the song playing throughout?
  5. P

    Brock Lesnar training video

    hey guys need help finding out what the song of the music playing behind this video is. its been on a few commercials in Australia but cant catch the name of it, any help would be appreciated
  6. S

    EA Sports MMA

  7. S

    Countdown to UFC 107 the song starts at 5:57.
  8. T

    UFC Primetime

    There is a french rap song played during the show Wednesday night, you can also watch it by clicking on the front page of and playing, it is about the halfway point of the show when George St. Pierre is training. I would like to know the name of the song, someone please help?
  9. S

    Wanderlei Silva Highlight

    whats the name of the first song that plays in this highlight
  10. J

    The Ultimate Fighter

    what is the music playing in the ultimate fighter 6 commercials
  11. L

    UFC Unleashed

    Does anyone know the heavy song used for the theme on UFC Unleashed on Spike TV? I cannot find the name anywhere. Not the theme to The Ultimate Fighter reality show..........UFC Unleashed...the show where the spotlight a certain fighter and show old fights. Whatever it is, it rocks!!!! :banghead:
  12. R

    Fedor Emelianenko highlights video if anyone could tell me what the rock song is that starts about 3 minutes in that would be very cool, i know the last two and don't care about the first one :)
  13. M

    UFC fights

    I'm looking for the song title/artist for Rich Franklin's intro song from UFC 53 where Franklin fights Tanner
  14. R

    The Ultimate Fighter

    Who in bloody hell plays that kick ass rock and roll mix with rap song!