1. Z

    Microsoft Surface Pro 9 laptop

    Music from Surface Pro 9 YT ad, what is the music from 01:12 until the end of the video? View:
  2. batchelert

    Microsoft Super Bowl

    Hi All, Any idea what song is playing behind this commercial: or this one I imagine they're from the same collection. Thanks so much!
  3. R

    Microsoft OneDrive

    I will love you forever if you can find this :) :) :) such a beautiful, peaceful, uplifting piece!
  4. astroXP

    Windows Phone 7.5 promo

    I've been obsessed with this music ever since published and quite frankly I'm stressed nobody seems to identify the beats :cry: Some have said that it might be a mix of Martin Solveig & Dragonette's song "Hello."
  5. T

    Microsoft Dynamics "Reignite Your Passion"

    Anybody knows who made this music in the MicrosoftDynamics Commercial? Thanks! :)
  6. V

    Windows 7 Beta

    The song was already posted in the description as a download, but the link is dead :( What's the name of the song?
  7. D

    Bing on Windows 8 "Search Reimagined" promo

    Anyone know the artist/ song on the new Bing on Windows 8 Search Reimagined promo? Here's a link.....
  8. H

    Zune "Your Entertainment, Everywhere"

    Greetings! I'm trying to source the music in this commercial: Soundhound, Shazam, searches here, and lyric searches aplenty don't seem to be able to turn up anything on this song. I'd be much obliged for an ident, with thanks in advance! =) Bud
  9. L

    Internet Explorer

    I apologize because I don't know what this commercial is advertising, so my description is going to be really bad, but I'm dying to know what this song is. The commercial starts, then jumps to a screen of a 3d animated white car and circles it. It's bad ass looking for an animation, So I feel...
  10. E

    Microsoft Kin

    someone PLEASE tell me the song in the background. It's just an instrumental but it sounds so good. Thanks in advance:) It's in this one too: http://
  11. B

    Microsoft Surface

    I'd like to know if anyone can tell me a way to get the raw music file of the background song running in this commercial: I'd appreciate any help from anyone. Thanks.
  12. Zero86

    Games for Windows Live

    does anyone know what song plays here i searched lyrics but found nothing thanks
  13. S

    Microsoft Office

    It had a female singing with a catchy theme behind it. I remember one part it went "do do do do" does anyone know the song/commercial? ah found the video, but still can't find the song
  14. J

    Windows Phone "Goes Where You Go"

    New Windows phone tv commercial w/twitter, aol, facebook, etc. cartoon logos following a guy around. What's the song? Sounds something like, "I'll have you back..." Thanks!
  15. J

    Microsoft Bing

    Saw ad last night on Bing. Song in the background said word "Money" over and over again. Anybody know the song? (Probably written specifically for ad, but thought i'd check) thx!
  16. N

    Windows 7 Slideshow Kid

    Microsoft has premiered a new TV commercial for Windows 7 in which a little girl designs a slideshow while a fanfare plays in the background. The fanfare is based on "The Final Countdown" by Europe. This song also appeared in a Mario vs Sonic commercial as well as the original version of The...
  17. J Launch

    Anyone know what song they're using for the lates MSN launch commercial with the different versions of the butterfly?
  18. E

    Microsoft African music

    I am looking for an music from a Mircosoft commercial that is perhaps over ten years old. The music is african and was used as a background to promote their software. Subsequent commercials used David Bowie. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  19. B

    Microsoft Windows Bill Gates Jerry Seinfeld

    Does anybody know the name of the jazz guitar tune used in the new Windows commercial where Bill gates and Jerry Seinfeld go to move in with a family? I posted the link to the commercial below. The song starts at 1:07. Thanks!
  20. W

    Microsoft Windows Vista

    I was wondering if anyone knew the name of the instrumental song played during the "WOW" Windows Vista commercial? I know Dr. Memory is a database himself so thanks for the songs.