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    1992-1993 Mercury automobile

    I have looked and looked for a 1992-93 Mercury car commercial with specific theme music. The campaign slogan was 'All This and the Quality of a Mercury.'
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    I need to know the title or artist of a song used in Mercury ads. It was used several years ago and is recently being used again. All I know about it is that it includes the words "might as well be walking on the sun." Thanks in advance.
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    2009 Mercury Mariner

    Any one know what it is? Thanks, B
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    2008 Mercury Milan

    This commercial is a woman in a black m milan driving it and telling us it's great features. It not Sync or Morningwood. Its a techno sounding song that I have heard before but can't place. She is the only person in the ad and she is wearing a black or dark dress too. please help me figure this...
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    Mercury Sable

    I am still struck by a car commercial (Mitsubishi?) that featured hauntingly good guitar work being played in the background. It played last year or possibly the year before. Does anyone know the name of the guitarist playing in that ad. The guitar work sounds rather unique to me. Thanks.
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    I was going to ask if anyone knew the song playing during the new Mercury commericial with the tag line: open doors. I googled the ad and easily found the answer. I'm posting it in case other members have the same question. The song was created for the ad campaign. The song is It's my Life by...