I was going to ask if anyone knew the song playing during the new Mercury commericial with the tag line: open doors.
I googled the ad and easily found the answer. I'm posting it in case other members have the same question.
The song was created for the ad campaign. The song is It's my Life by Paula Cole. No wonder the voice was vaguely familiar.
Does anyone know the artist that sings the hauntingly beautiful song in the latest Ford Mercury of the lines is "its my life"....thanks!
i'm not sure of the commercial you're talking about but it could be the No Doubt cover of Talk Talk's "It's My Life". or it could be the original
It's called "It's My Life" and it's by done just for the ad by Paula Cole.
Thanks to all, and yes dascoot, it is Paula Cole. I understand this song and its versions were all written specifically for the ad campaign, " open doors" ..

Newbie here. I've been trying to find a song from a car commercial, but I'm not sure which car (I think it is Mercedes). The commercial, if I remember correctly, shows house after house with the same car in the garage.

The music sounds very much like Enya or Evanescence. All I can remember from the lyrics is "It's my life" or "In my life". It's not No Doubt - I know that song.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

A few days ago, I saw the new ads for Mercury automobiles on television. There is a voice that belts out "It's my life...."

I knew the voice instantly, but was sort of stunned. I could not believe this person would actually shill for an automobile company. This was not someone like Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish, this was an artist who was so anti-corporate, she didn't even shave her armpits.

I did some research and confirmed, that it was indeed Paula Cole who sings this line. The music is by her and Don Was.

Oh, how the mighty (selfrighteous) have fallen...
I have been looking for the Mercury Theme msuic. I know it is called "It's My Life" recorded by Paula Cole and produced by Don something another. But, I am looking for a place to download it from. I looked on Limewire (Which Normally Solves All of My Problems), Itunes, and a few other places. Could someone please help me find this. It is driving me crazy. By the way, I found the Nth Degree by Morningwood from the commercial and love that. Please Help!!!!!!