1. nordink

    McDonalds morning

    I am looking to find out the music in the recent McDonald's spot. The music is fun indie pop. The graphics in the spot say "The first bite in the morning . . . should be filled with love." Thank you!
  2. LSDave

    McDonald's TV commercial

    Does anyone know the song from the Mcdonald's commercial where everything is grey, and Ronald McDonald helps a bunch of kids add color to things? My sister wanted to download it, but we can't find it anywhere. The song has a female singer, and it sounds very upbeat and sunny.
  3. drizzt_fan14

    McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Olympics

    Does anyone know this song? Its so incredibly inspiring! The video doesn't allow comments :(
  4. M

    McDonald's McCafe

    Here's a video that features the song right about 0:18
  5. O

    McDonald's assistant

    Whats the song playing in the background of the McDonalds commercial with the really anal boss and the young assistant. Its some kind of funky guitar riff going on and I'm assuming its part of a song as there are no lyrics accompanying it. The girl ends up getting some egg mcmuffing and a...
  6. K

    McDonald's glasses

    Does anyone know who does the new McDonald's song for the Coke glasses. The main phrase is "we caught a glimpse of you"
  7. G

    McDonald's McCafe

    anyone know the name of the song playing with the 2 kids tapping on the table in sync? it has to do with cafe lattes? it ends with his arm around her shoulders!
  8. MusicCanadia


    I am trying to find out the name of the song in the McDonalds commercial that does the flashback of customers to 'another stage of their lives'. Ie. before they were a family there were a couple and the woman was pregnant; before she was a your business woman she was a teen dressed in acid wash...
  9. R

    McDonalds Happy Meal

    Does anyone know this song from the McDonalds Happy Meal commercial -- the one where the mom and dad are racing to deliver the meal to their son?
  10. D

    McDonalds Fresh Fruit Smoothies

    What is the song from the McDonalds Fresh Fruit Smoothie Ad, where people are in the shape of a cup on the ground and this is a shot from a camera above them. then the people act like the contents (Fruit) and come in... and then they pour out. The Song is like an Oriental Beating Drum
  11. doctormemory


    ...just saw a McDonald's commercial using: TRACK: XEL018_13 - CRAFTY PARTY ALBUM: XEL018 - COMEDY CAPERS COMPOSER: Gert Wilden (GEMA) PUBLISHER: The Extreme Music Library Ltd (PRS)
  12. I

    McDonald's McCafe

    I need help id'ing a song in a new McDonalds McCafe Commerical where it shows a few guys dancing to this very catchy song, I know just can't think of the name of it!!! Most of the screen is white and the guys dancing are holding McCafe cups? Please help
  13. BusRider

    McDonald's Southwest Salad

    In the McDonald's SouthWest Salad commercial, what is the music?
  14. B

    McDonald's Ad in France

    Found this one on Youtube. Wondering if the music at the end isn't part of a full song.
  15. P


    Does anyone know the music thats played in the Mcdonalds New York sandwich special for one week only. I have been trying to find it for a while now. Any help would be appreciated Thanks :)
  16. H


    There is a McDonald's Commercial with a father and a mother running through Manhattan trying to get to McD's first to buy their kid lunch and there is a great song playing but I cannot understand if it is in Italian or Spanish? It is saying muvati or something like that????? Any thoughts...
  17. C

    McDonald's Morning Coffee

    There is a morning McDonald's "wake up and smell the coffee" commercial running in Chicago, that is entirely graphics and music with a voice over promoting the McDonald's coffees. In the background there is an instrumental song playing that resembles 50s - 60s organ music, like Ernie Freeman's...
  18. M

    McDonalds Breakfast rap

    Just caught this commercial twice today. There is a minivan full of people chowing down on breakfast items while a woman sing/raps about the various items. Thinking back I don't think it was about any new deal, just standard items (breakfast burrito, hashbrowns). The song is new I think, but it...
  19. crosswire


    Was just watching WWE raw on scorehd and there was a new mcdonalds commercial with a catchy tune with a girl smiling in the end. she was running in the street in high heels there was some eggs broken over a pan etc any idea
  20. H

    McDonald's Big Mac

    Does anybody know what song is playing on the current Big Mac ad? It is electronic, has a guy singing kinda quiet, reminiscent of Ian Browne. It shows beautiful people out on the town at night and a guy in a green t-shirt and plaid collared shirt eating the neatest looking Big Mac I've ever...