1. M

    MasterCard Priceless MLB

    I'd really like to know the name of the jazzy piano jingle they are using for the new (July, Aug, Sept 2010) MLB Mastercard commercial. Many thanks in advance,
  2. F

    MasterCard "Objects"
  3. act_scraven


    At least, I think it's a mastercard commercial... it's for some kind of credit card. A guy is wandering around, getting errands done really quickly, before arriving back home and gliding through his home, before opening the door for a date he has. It's odd, but ANYWAY - there's a funky...
  4. F

    Mastercard Priceless Gift Finder Peyton Manning and Alyson Hannigan

    Anyone know what the music is behind the Mastercard Priceless Gift Card ad with Peyton Manning and Allison?
  5. A

    Mastercard "Legends" jeans

    this is the commercial that starts with "one pair of pleated slacks..." features Marlon Brando getting off a bike. The artist for this I think is IMonster. The song is called Hey Mrs. There is another version of that very same song which i enjoy very much. just thought someone may be...
  6. C

    World Mastercard Peyton Manning

    Does anybody know where I can get the music from Peyton Manning's New world mastercard commercial or the name of the song?
  7. ladyluck

    MasterCard "Lessons" helping dad

    Do you know what the song is in this commercial? I'm absolutely in love and would like to listen to it all day and all night.
  8. N

    World Mastercard Piano Song

    Does anybody know what song it is playing in the background? It sounds extremely familiar but i have no idea what it is. It's a great song. Please help!
  9. H


    Im so vague on the details of the ad, its not coming home by Finlay Brown, even though that is a beautiful song! As far as I can remember, the ad show people all over the world showing signs of how much different things cost, I get so distracted by the song that I havnt paid too much attention...
  10. P

    Mastercard "Pure Imagination"

    hey i heard that people were having a very hard time finding out who did the song for the mastercard commercial which had a modern remake of the song "pure imagination" from willy wonka and the chocolate factory...anyone find out what group did??
  11. Z

    Mastercard Babe Ruth

    I have wondered for a few years now where I could find the song used in a mastercard commerical. Please help. It was up to 6 years ago. It was one of the cost fo this $100..cost of that $200..that priceless. Except it was just piano in the background and I distincty remember seeing old black...
  12. T

    Mastercard 1994 World Cup

    Hi, This Mastercard commercial is quite old. I think it was from the '94 World Cup. The ad showed Pele playing soccer. The music used during the ad was an orchestra version (it contained no vocals) of the song America from the musical West Side Story. I've searched the net and i cannot find...
  13. T

    Mastercard "Dogs"

    Mastercard "Dogs" Does anyone remember that old Mastercard commerical with the dogs? It showed all those dogs doing lovable things then at the end it say's "accepted wherever dogs are." The song title itself is titled "I've gotta be me" and the original is by Sammy Davis Jr. Does anyone know...