1. davebtw

    Macy's Jewelry Le Vian Collection

    Here is a poor looking youtube. -david BTW
  2. T

    Macy's jewelery

    Does anyone know the song from the recent (april/may) Macy's Jewelery commercial?
  3. K

    Macy's Christmas

    Does anyone know anything about the song in the Macy's Christmas commercial? It's twelve days of Christmas, but I really like how it sounds. Does anyone know who the version in the commercial is by? thank you :]
  4. R

    Macy's Fall Spectacular Sale

    I am looking for the song name that's played in the Macy's Fall Spectacular Sale Commercial. Its a rock song, sung by a woman, with the word "Magic" in it...but that's all I got so far. I haven't been able to record the commercial to upload yet. Any ideas let me know. Thx, RaduG
  5. M

    Macy's Labor Day "Find Your Magic"

    do anyone know the name of the song in this ad? "you have to believe" or something like that..
  6. M

    Tommy Hilfiger fragrances at Macy's

    Does anyone know the song in the new Tommy hilfiger fragrance commercial? As stated, it's a newer commercial, the first time I've seen it was this month. Some of the lyrics go "spend all your time walking around". I've been looking, but I can't seem to find anything regarding the commercial or...
  7. S

    Macy's in-store

    I heard a song at Macy's which I liked, but I couldn't make out any of the lyrics other than "you and I," which was repeated again and again. Here's what I can definitely tell you: - It had male vocals and was a ballad. - It had that soft-alternative, sensitive-guy feel that you hear so much of...
  8. U


    I've recently seen a Macy's commercial. I believe it's one of the newer ones. I can only remember one word from the song but it's said in a very distinguishing manner. ...eve-ry-day... The song has a happy mood to it and it's a female singer. I've searched everywhere but I can't find the...
  9. M

    Macy's Columbus Day Shoe Sale

    It's the song on the Macy's Columbus Day Shoe Sale Commercial. I only know a few parts of it (plus the commercial's really short) but it's a dance type song and has an upbeat tempo. The commercial ends with "do your thing nanana!" and it begins with "do-do-do-do, move babe, move baby!" I know it...
  10. V


    Anyone know the song for the Macy's one day sale? It's kinda like a swing type song and the only word they say is "yeah"
  11. Todd Bowers

    Macy's I.N.C. clothing line

    I was hoping someone knows the song from a new Macy's commercial I saw. It's a black and white commercial that at first looked like it may be a Victoria Secret commercial as it features models. The commercial is advertising a new clothing line, I.N.C. Regardless, I'm hoping someone knows the...
  12. R

    Macy's Christmas

    Hi all, I need help with a Target commercial song that is not Earth Wind & Fire. This is a Christmas song with a woman singing. Part of the lyrics are, (It's Christmas Time Again.) Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? I'm getting really frustrated because Target has three...
  13. F

    Ralph Lauren "Polo Black" at Macys

    I have looked all over the internet for info. In the commercial there is a man wearing black gloves & driving- then there is a woman he is on a bed with. When the song first starts it sounds alot like Mary J Blidge but towards the end I'm not so sure anymore. I hope someone can confirm for me...