1. S

    100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea "You Are What You Tea"

    Hey, I could really use someone's help with the most recent Lipton Tea commercial! It's the one where really attractive models are driving on motorcycles and their bodies are made up of sparkling tea. What is that song playing? I really like it and there's nothing posted on it yet! Thanks!
  2. billchr

    Lipton "Tea Can Do That"

    Hi, I have to know the title of this song on the background, can you help me?
  3. N

    Lipton Iced Tea

    Hello, Does anyone know who is the specific performer/choir that is featured in the Lipton Tea "This Little Light of Mine" commerical? There are hundres of recordings of this gospel standard, but I am really interested in knowing the specific performace used in this commercial. Thank you...
  4. Danie450

    Lipton Pyramid Tea

    Whats the song in the lipton pyramid teas commercial?
  5. M

    lipton tea commercial

    i just saw a lipton bottled iced tea commercial and there is a very subtle song on it but theres not lyrics....its just a loop of humming the same melody about 3 times and the commercials n thanx
  6. P

    Lipton Green Tea

    I know i know this song, but i can't seem to remember the name. I know someone can. here is the link to the commercial...please, it is driving me crazy! (it is the second commercial "mmm...")
  7. E

    Lipton Iced Tea "Sun Water Leaf"

    This song they play in the Lipton Iced Tea commercial where they talk bout Antioxidants is latched onto my brain. The Jesus and Mary Chain sounding riff is absolutely sicko. Can anyone identify this song or is it made by some in house commercial music artist?