1. P

    2023 Jeep Wagoneer "Drove All Night" Derek Jeter

    View: A commercial for the 2023 Jeep Wagoneer features Derek and Hannah Jeter. The song playing is an old Cyndi Lauper song, I drove all night. But it’s done in a slower, quieter way by a female singer. I’ve heard versions by Celine Dion, Roy Orbison...
  2. Compudoc

    Jeep commercial - May 2021

    Just saw a recent Jeep commercial and the music in the background sounded very much like some of the music from "The Greatest Showman". I will try to get more information about the commercial. But for those who may have seen this commercial, am I correct or way off on the music. No rush on an...
  3. erlymetl

    2016 Jeep

    New jeep comerical music..
  4. H

    2015 Jeep Cherokee "Emerald City"

    Perry Como did the original song "Seattle" for the old TV series "Here Come the Brides". Jeep has, very nicely, updated this old tune in their new Cherokee commercial. Does anyone know if a full version of the cover is available and who did it...
  5. H

    Jeep Summer Clearance Event

    Can Someone Please tell me who the lady is singing in this commercial, also the name of the song? Thank You. Jeep Summer Clearance Event
  6. N

    2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    I'm looking to determine what the song is in the newer jeep grand cherokee commercial. This is not the Bob Dylan song that was used a little while ago. The music is just a guy plucking the same few notes on a guitar and he sings maybe one line that I can't understand (he sorta mumbles it). it...
  7. erlymetl

    2014 Jeep Cherokee "Built Free"

    aired 11/3/2013
  8. W

    2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Extra Mile"

    2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee extra mile, music.
  9. C

    2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Dominique's"

    This Commercial showcases a red 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit being driven by an African American male through the French Quarter to a restaurant named Dominique's. In the background there is a jazz song that has lots of horns and drums that sound absolutely amazing!!! I have to know the name of...
  10. C

    Jeep Wrangler I can not at all decipher the lyrics. Anyone know the name of the song?
  11. A

    2012 Jeep Sales Event

    I would llove to know who does the background music for this particular Jeep commercial. Thanks.
  12. M

    2012 Jeep Wrangler Arctic Edition

    Hey everyone. I'm new here. A friend suggested me to this forum and maybe people can help.. I've seen this commercial for Jeep and the song is pretty catchy.. here's a link Anyone can help me find out what this song is? I tried looking for it in youtube and at the Jeep channel, they took me...
  13. M

    Car commercial help

    all of a sudden i started thinking about this really good song i heard in this car commercial around half a year to a year ago, i have bin craving to actually hear this song and not just play it over in my head ever since i started thinking about it!!! its a rock song that has a nice slow beat...
  14. O

    2011 Jeep Compass "Bloodline"

    Anybody know the music from this
  15. S

    2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Yep. I want to know what song is used in this commercial. It doesn't have lyrics (at least, the part of the song used doesn't), and I've been to a few different sites via Google, and none of them mention the song used. Help?
  16. M

    Jeep Chrysler adrenaline rush sale

    'I live, I ride, I am' is the refrain. Female vocal. Promotion going on in the southeast I know. Had the TV on NBC this evening and saw it at least four times, so its getting some very heavy airtime right now. anyone? thanks!
  17. B

    Jeep Wrangler hair

    Anyone recognize the song that plays under the Jeep Wrangler commercial that starts with the women getting expensive hair styles and then go out in their open top Jeep and drive around with the wind blowing thru their hair. A jazzy song with a woman singing "thats so hot". Thanks in advance to...
  18. K

    Jeep Patriot "Jungle"

    hey there's a new jeep patriot commercial that has a song that kinda goes like this: "we're gonna ride gonna ride til the end of the night time hope you're ready to go for a ride, come on come on...let's ride!" or something along those lines Anyone know what this song is?? thanks!
  19. M

    Jeep Cherokee

    The commercial is very colorful (pink, red, etc.) and the song is like a dance/hip-hop song using the autotune. I just saw the commercial for the first time a couple of days ago, but I can't find the song anywhere. Does anyone happen to know the name of it?
  20. L

    Jeep Wrangler

    The commercial with the Jeep Wrangler seems to feature Priscilla Ahn... From her website... "I got a song called "In A Tree" on a Jeep Wrangler commercial. I don't drive a jeep or anything, but my neighbor does, and I'm really close friends with them. "