1. M

    iPhone "Shot on iPhone by Keiran W."

    been trying to recall if it was a Iphone song with clouds...I recall the plane was just flying and u could se the clouds and there was a song...i been pounding my head with it. It was more about the pixels and clarity of how good the video was making it very nice....someone please help me with...
  2. R

    iPhone 7 "Barbers"

    I am looking for the song in the new AT&T / iPhone 7 commercial in the barber shop. One of the lines is, "You look so good." It has a great beat and is easy to dance to (as one of my coworkers said). Thank you for any help.
  3. R

    iPhone 5s "Powerful"

    What are the words the young singer is saying in this commercial? It's driving me crazy trying to figure out the one word and then a phrase at the end.
  4. R

    Apple "On The Runway" iPhone 5S

    Just saw this, Shazam says it's Victory "Soothing Me So" for the Apple "On The Runway" ad with Burberry for the iPhone 5S camera. http://victoryismusic.com http://youtu.be/8E-2AdKk7Wc
  5. D

    Apple iPhone 5s "Metal Mastered"

    anyone know who sings this: It really got my attention.. Thanks..
  6. R

    iPhone 5 "Music Everyday"

    Looks like this is a followup of "Photos Everyday"...but does anyone know who the composer of this music is? I'm assuming it's Rob Simonsen again? **EDIT** Nevermind, it is Rob Simonsen***
  7. P

    Apple iPhone 5 "Photos Every Day"

    Is this a song by a group, or music made for the commercial... "Everyday more pictures are taken with the iphone, than any other camera"
  8. S

    Apple EarPods promo

    Does anyone know what song was used in the background?
  9. D

    Apple iPhone 5 promos

    From 2:55 to 4:30, the techno song that's pretty much all muted strumming.
  10. wakeupmrkim

    Apple iPhone 4S "Date Night" Samuel L. Jackson

    What's the song that plays at the very end of this commercial starring Samuel L. Jackson and Siri?
  11. HoKo

    Apple iPhone 4S

    I'm not sure if this was the debut of the commercial but I hadn't seen it before this. I don't think there were any words in the commercial, just the song playing and people displaying the various features of the iPhone
  12. L

    Apple iPhone 4S "Assistant"

    Does anyone know the name of the background music? Thanks!
  13. Y

    Apple iPhone 4S promos

    I know the first song is Rolling in The Deep by Adele, what's the second one where they're talking about the improved optics?
  14. Y

    Apple iOS 5

    What are the song used in this vid?
  15. arekf

    Apple iPhone 4 Retina

    Does anyone know the song used in this commercial? (Also used in other new iPhone commercials)
  16. D

    Jay-Z Decoded app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

    Anyone know the song from this commercial?
  17. Y

    Apple iPhone 4 "App Store"

    What's the name of the song here?
  18. W

    Verizon Apple iPhone "Test Man"

    Does anyone know the music behind this commercial? It is a brand new commercial with the Iphone & test guy. The music sounds like "immediate music" who has done the resent AMC commercials. Any Thoughts!!
  19. L

    Apple iPhone 4 "Every"

    Anyone know what this is? Is it custom?
  20. F

    Apple iPhone 4 promos

    This is driving me nuts. In this video at about the 2:50 mark a new song starts that sounds like a sample of another song chopped up to fit the video. Anyone have any idea what the sampled song is? http://www.apple.com/iphone/design/#design-video Thanks in advance!