1. S

    Halo 2 Anniversary

    Anyone knows this track? Im sure its not a track from the soundtrack, there is just the Halo theme at the end but this must be a trailer song. Thanx for any help!
  2. V

    Halo 4

    anybody know the last song used?
  3. W

    Halo Reach

    Hey, does anyone know what the name of the song from the new trailer for Halo: Reach is? It sounds really familiar. Here's a link: Thanks.
  4. B

    Halo 3 ODST

    Hey I hear this is a russian song but I was wondering by the off chance if anyone knew what it was.
  5. M

    Halo 2

    Does anyone know the name of the track thats played on Halo 2 during the arbiter/heretic covenant dogfight. I have the halo 2 OST but the track doesn't appear to be on it. Also I think ive heard it on a level on hitman: bloodmoney
  6. S

    Halo Movie

    This movie is gonna be awesome! IMDb: Halo
  7. Third_Nut

    Halo 3

    Well... I just watched hte Trailer today, and I must say. I loved the Piano addition to the theme. It sounds more modest for some reason. Anyway, I need to know what the new song is called, because I simply can't wait.
  8. U

    Halo 2

    WaLKa-blue_fire_halo2_montage? What's the song ? thanks :D
  9. M


    I was wondering if someone could tell me if there was an unreleased Halo soundtrack you could download like the Beyond Good and Evil unreleased soundtrack we had a few months ago.