1. D

    Please help me find song I'm searching for about 20 years

    Dear all, I'm searching a song title. I recorded chorus lyrics melody. It may be in english, but also french, cant remember as I just remember this part and nothing else. Its probably from radio. Please help I'm searching it about 20 years. Like moby, wamdue project etc. Link...
  2. K

    Target "Color Changes Everything" French

    The song played in the Target commercial is French. My mother talk it to me when I was a child (Many years ago). I think it is just a happy nonsense song. I never heard the words in English and I never took French. It is however stuck in my head!:D
  3. T

    World of Red Bull French

    Hey guys, I'm trying to find the tune that's playing this Red Bull commercial. You can see it in French cinemas, before the trailers start. It's the first part of the French version of the World of Red Bull ads. Here is a link to see the ad on Red Bull's french website...
  4. L

    Dreamlife of Angels

    Hi. I'm looking to find a song that was used in the Dreamlife of Angels (La vie rêvée des anges). The song can be heard here. Please help me. I've been looking for this song for YEARS! Thank you.
  5. I Make Money Not Art

    Le Petit Nicholas

    I saw a french trailer for "Le Petit Nicholas" the song that i'm interested in is the very first one, the one that has that happy-go-lucky 1950's sound to it. If i could get a title and artist i'd greatly appreciate it! link
  6. N

    Cinemax French song

    Does anyone know this song?
  7. E

    American Express 1980s woman singing old french jazz

    Folks, Anybody remember an an old American Express winter holiday commercial from – well, I think it’s been at least fifteen years since I last saw it. Anyway, it’s a scene of a horse-drawn sleigh making its way across a snowy country landscape – France presumably, because of the music...
  8. R

    SPDR ETF State Street Investments "Buried Treasure" dogs French song

    B&W commercial featuring an adorable Jack Russell Terrier and his friends. A woman sings in French in the background, accompanied by an acoustic guitar. I think the refrain is "Si Bon..." I'd love to know who the singer is and what she's singing; also who directed and produced the ad.
  9. S

    Philips products

    The commercial for Philips starts with a couple starting to neck on a couch -- she sends him off to shave, then it switches to her having an ultrasound, then they are back on the couch with baby stuff all over. A fun French song is playing in the background and I cannot find it. Thanks!!