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    2014 Toyota Corolla "Style Never Goes Out of Style"

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    2010 Toyota Corolla "Magic Man"

    I am trying to find the song in the new Toyota Corolla 2010 commercial. I have searched, emailed, and done everything I can to find this song. No luck. Please help!!! This is the only video I could find.
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    2010 Toyota Camry and Corolla

    Does anyone know the Artist/Title of the song in the new 2010 Camry and Corolla commercial? It starts of with either a keyboard or synthesizer (kind of like Postal Service's song "Such Great Heights"), then the drums kick in, finally an overdriven bass guitar. I know it's not much to go on...
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    Toyota Corolla

    What's the name of the song in it... i forgot what it goes like though... yay House MD is on!!! but i cant wait till Boston Legal