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What's the name of the song in it... i forgot what it goes like though... yay House MD is on!!! but i cant wait till Boston Legal
The new corolla commerical shows a corolla pulling up to a guy pulling a really beat up car by a chain connected to his foot. The corolla then speeds off, and then the music's kind of a catchy rock/electronic beat..pretty cool, but i have no idea who the artist is/are? Any ideas?
hey just registered so i could add support for this question, just saw the corolla ad and i need to know who this artist is
Yeah, sorry that I can be of no help, but I registered just to post about this it the one where a guy is being towed down a hill by a beat up car, and the music is a jazz bass riff, with some piano on top of it? Sounds more like a manufactured song, like St. Germain or something, rather than real players playing together.

At any rate, I liked the sound of it, and wondered if it was a real tune or just a score to a commercial, I hope that at least my post can generate some more interest in the thread.

Much thanks in advance.

So I've been searching for the same tune..and while I think I've found it, I can't
tell you who it's by. Searching Google didn't result anything; did
give me some lead, but not to the song I really wanted (and the one you're talking
about). Ask gave me the music to the "Wheel" commerical which is by Fisher and
titled "Beautiful World", which is a cool tune as well. But, I digress...
I went onto Limewire and did a search of the title "Toyota Commercial" and
it came back with the aforementioned, and another one simply labeled "Toyota
Theme Commercial". I downloaded and it seems like the right one, but I have
to see the commercial again to be sure. I hope this is of some help...
Okay, with the information provided by melwarn i did a peer-to-peer search of my own, only i use a program called BearShare....i found similar results, including a file that i'm almost sure is this mystery song...but the real lead came in it's filename, entitled, "Anuncios - Toyota Theme - Commercial." I can only assume that "Anuncios" is either the the artist's name or the title of the song. Either way, i'm still not positive this is the desired just didn't live up to my initial excitement over it upon downloading it. Though it's the same style/genre/mood/instrumentation etc. as i remember it.

The search continues...?
Okay - meanwhile...I had also sent an email to's their response...

"We appreciate your interest in Toyota's Corolla "Ball & Chain" commercial.

Toyota commissioned the original music music by Human. We apologize; it is not available for sale to the public. "

How frustrating...but you KNOW it's gotta be out there somewhere..:) If you
find - please let me know! Good luck!
Just made for the commercial?
Oh, it better not be! That song is very nice, and I was just stopping by here to bring attention to this song, but found two topics on it.
Yeah, I agree, it had a sort of acid-jazz sound to it, like Thievery Corp. [bad examp.] or something.
Please... anyone?
The newest toyota commercial starts with a man chained to a broken down car. THen a new toyota corolla drives by, and he breaks free. Throughout the whole commercial, there is this song playing, but it doesnt have any lyrics. All it is is a piano, but its a catchy tune. I was wondering if anyone knew what the song was. Thanks.
yeah, the slogan is "moving you forward" Nice tune I have no idea what the tune is called
Does anyone know where I can get a recording of the jazzy- like chill out music used in the new toyota Corolla commercial?
I should have read the other threads first. Next time I will look befor I leap.
I've been trying to figure that out as well. It's not the Fisher song. But I'll try to describe it a bit more.

It starts out with a very slow piano riff. There is a guy chained to his car (by the ankle) and he's walking up the street dragging the car behind him. There's a woman in the passenger seat. But then a Toyota Corolla 'S' pulls up beside, and a really funky base-line kicks in. Think jazzy. The Corolla passes the poor guy, and the guy seems more driven. He breaks from his chains...and then the scene cuts to the corolla driving around. There is a scene with a guy getting dragged won a hill by his car (he's also chained) and other similar scenes.

I havn't seen a car commercial song so cool since the Chrysler commercial came out with Mr. Scruff's 'Get a Move On'.
'Human'? I used to be invilved in the demoscene with is filled with tracker musicians. One was called Human, and he was quite talented. I wouldn't be surprised if that was him.

I'm contacting him now to see if I can dig anything up. Maybe some news about the release of the song?
Hey guys.
I've been seeing this Toyota commercial frequently on NBC. The commercial starts off with a guy dragging a car like a ball and chain and a toyota drives past him and he breaks free of the chains.

It starts off with a nice sounding piano and goes off and just gets this awesome beat to it that I find myself tapping my foot to everytime I hear it.

Gotta find that song, can anyone point me in the right direction? Song title/Artist perhaps?
I just saw the new toyota commercial which is showcasing the company and not actually one specific car. It has all the people chained to their cars as they pulled them down the street. I am looking for the techno style music that is being played. Either the artist or song. Tried searching Google for any info on a new commercial but haven't had any luck.