1. aleale97

    Davidoff Café "Worth Going Further"

    View: I cant seem to be able to find the song from "Davidoff Cafe - Worth going further" video. Does anyone know if it was custom made or..? Thanks!
  2. B

    Lavazza Italian

    I've been on a trip in Italy and both my phone and my TV show this ad: View: I have no clue what this Is, and neither Spotify nor Soundhound catch It. I am going insane, please help.
  3. K

    Jacobs Flavours coffee

    If you know the song from this ad please enlighten me
  4. J

    Schümos Coffee "Tampon"

    I need help identifying the music (a lovely Viennese waltz) in the famous viral Schümos Coffee tv ad with the lady that mistakenly puts her tampon in her mug of hot coffee and her teabag you-know-where! A German man posted this reply: "Sounds like an orchestral version of Her Morning Elegance...
  5. N

    Baileys with a Hint of Coffee

    There is a new commercial out with a girl zoomed to her lips and she's singing along with a song that goes "gotta have coffee" and some other lyrics. its a short commercial for the new baileys with a hint of coffee. let me know, im dying to find it?!?!
  6. C

    Columbia Coffee

    I seem to remember a coffee commercial in the 80's that used music from the movie, "The Mission." Does anyone know what company that was?