1. N

    HTC "You" cellphone

    Anyone know the song that is used in the latest HTC Phone Commercial? It is on the tip of my tongue. The only music played in the commercial is a piano riff but I know there is an actual song that the riff is used in. thanks!
  2. O

    Verizon Droid Droiddoes.com "iDon't"

    Who is singing the song in the Droiddoes.com commercial?
  3. jca

    Palm Pre Goes Against the Flow

    When you think of traffic lights, reincarnation, mind reading, and jugglers, do you think of the Palm Pre cellphone? That's the range of topics translucent skinned actress Tamara Hope (playing a character Palm is calling "Anima") discusses in a strange series of Palm Pre cellphone...
  4. D

    AT&T LG Xenon

    Any one know the name of the song in the new AT&T Commercial? It has some girl looking out through some window. At the end she gets a text and leaves...
  5. K

    AT&T talking thumbs

    What is the music playing in the background of the altell wireless commercial? It is the one with all the different thumbs texting and the music is kind of like "na na na na na na na" Anybody know?
  6. M

    Verizon BlackBerry Storm

    Hey all, Anyone know the background song for the new Blackberry Storm VERIZON commerical with the dude talking about how amazing the new BB is, and then it shows the "network" of people, then pans to clouds and the song goes "Oh-o, Oh-o"?????? HERE IT IS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmyVzoyY9Jo
  7. L

    Samsung Behold

    Hi, I just saw a commercial for the new Samsung Behold Phone. The song sounded a little like The White Stripes. I didn't pay attn to the lyrics until it was too late :( ...just hoping someone else saw the same ad. Thanks!
  8. F

    BlackBerry Bold

    Anyone know the music used in the following Blackberry Commercial. Any help would be appreciated :)
  9. J

    BlackBerry Storm

    http://technology.timesonline.co.uk/tol/ne...icle4902040.ece On that site there is a long commercial for the blackberry storm, what is the song that is playing?
  10. H

    Virgin Mobile Canada BlackBerry

    Does anyone know the song used in the new Virgin Mobile (Canada) BlackBerry Ad???
  11. N

    Sprint Samsung Instinct "Romance"

    http://instinctthephone.com/?dl=video/trai...ailers/romance2 I've been trying to find it on Google to no avail so far, unfortunately. It appears that the lyrics are "It's time to hear, it's time to go, it's time to find out who we know". Thanks for any help. :biggrin:
  12. S

    BlackBerry "Life On BlackBerry"

    i found the video on youtube does anyone know the song? thx
  13. Z

    LG Touch

    During the commercial, we see that the young man is never allowed to touch anything; - his mother's vase - his girlfriend - expensive car And finally when he goes to buy a cell phone, he is encouraged to actually "touch" the new LG touch phone. Do you know the name & artist of the song that...
  14. J

    BlackBerry Curve "Beauty"

    Hey y'all! I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find the music listed in this Blackberry Curve ad: http://www.blackberrycurve.com/beauty/ (click on "video" and watch). I've scoured the internets for Patti Noma, "Girls with Guitars," and "Forever and a Day" in various combinations, and...
  15. M

    Sprint Blackberry Pearl moving sidewalk

    Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing over the Sprint Pearl Blackberry ad with the guy on the moving sidewalk at the airport that has the background playing at superspeed and him at normal speed?
  16. T

    AT&T Blackberry Curve "Someone's out to get ya'"

    Hi Everyone! Hope you're all doing well! I saw a commercial Wednesday afternoon for the Blackberry Curve (Phone? I'm old...is that a phone? LOL!) and there was a song with a woman singing to a techno-ish beat, with the lyrics, "Someone's out to get ya' (cha?)". I liked it! If you could I.D...
  17. V

    Verizon Motorola Q

    the newest commercial
  18. J

    Korean Air "Breathing the Blue"

    Korean Air "Breathing the Blue" Saw this REALLY cool ad on TV in Spain last week, and wondered if it was showing in the US. Then, saw it TONIGHT during CNBC "Big Idea" show. It is an ad that begins w some models in a landscape of white, cool blue sky, at first u think its an ad for perfume...
  19. 1

    AT&T Blackberry Curve

    Saw a commercial (aired during Hannity and Colmes on Fox News) for AT&T Blackberry Curve with a catchy song in it. I am not 100% certain, but the song could be sung by a female or a group with female vocalist. The commercial came and went so fast that I did not catch any of the lyrics...
  20. C

    Helio Ocean "Creation"

    anyone know the song on this commerical? just aired today.