1. G

    CBC line-up

    This commercial seems to show up during Hockey Night in Canada....it's proming other CBC shows...and the song is being sung in the background...have no clue who is singing or what the song is...and of course is driving me banana's Please help.
  2. soccerlemon

    CBC Fall 2009 lineup

    Does anyone know what song they play on the current CBC fall lineup promo? I don't have any lyrics or anything, but they only have one promo for the primetime lineup. Any info would be appreciated!
  3. M

    CBC Hockey Night in Canada

    Anyone know the song that is playing in the background of the Hockey Day in Canada show today? It is like a country picking song..It kind of has an Alexi Murdock feel to it. It might be "All of my Days". Anyone else hear this tune and any ideas....?
  4. K

    CBC Intelligence

    hi, there was a commercial i saw today on CBC. it was while i was watching the simpsons. the commercial had some music in the background with a female vocals while it showed some clips of these people and in the corner it would say.. the director... the rat.. the entrepreneur.. the theif... the...