best buy

  1. Y

    Best Buy Samsung

    Ok strange question I go into Best Buy and see their display of tvs for samsung qled not sure if it’s for the tv or sound bar but there’s a song that continues to play and I don’t know the artist or song title . I use the SoundHound app but it doesn’t pick up . So my question is what is the song...
  2. CarolJude

    Best Buy Amy Poehler

    ...specifically, THIS one: if for some reason the link disappears it's the jaunty "French-sounding" oboe (?) track. It sounds circa 1960's. FX used this music during the commercial breaks in season one of Louis; I've heard it on and off through the years and would just like to satisfy a...
  3. A

    Best Buy holiday

    Anybody knows the background song on the new new Best Buy Holiday commercial? There are about three different commercials of Best Buy employees talking about gift ideas for the holidays and their success stories of helping the customer. Specifically there is one where a girl is going on about...
  4. C

    Best Buy

    I have been searching everywhere and I cannot find the name of that techno song in the latest Best BUy commercial. If you know it, let me know please.
  5. K

    Best Buy Black Eyed Peas

    I'm pretty sure it was best buy... There was a guy on the bus listening to his iPod. The Black Eyed Peas were performing around him (kind of a lame commercial aside from the music). I think they were sampling the song "Misirlou" by Dick Dale & His Del-Tones (which can be found on the Pulp...