1. A

    Bell Mobility "Network"

    Hello Adtuners.. Any clue to what this song is..
  2. T

    Bell Fibe

    The wife and I recognize the song in the Bell Fibe TV commercial featuring two guys playing table hockey, one accidentally painting the arm of the other, the two of them in a hot tub, etc. Does anyone recognize this commercial? It's driving us nuts because we both KNOW the song but for some...
  3. L

    Bell Fibe

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows the music in the background for the new Bell Fibe TV commercial? The commercial has a lot of CGI graphics in it, including a robot that throws a cube towards the viewer, and there is also two manta rays in it as well. It's kind of like techno music but has...
  4. TheAdversary

    Bell Mobility HTC Sensation

    I cannot track down this track. The lyrics, as best as I can tell, are I / Will follow wherever you go / My heart beats like the ______ on the radio / If you fly through the sky / If you dive into the oceans below / I will follow you / Follow you wherever you go The track sounds...
  5. T

    Bell 2010 Winter Olympics

    What song is in this commercial? Thanks! Thomas
  6. C

    Bell Palm Pre "Multitasking"

    Okay, it's not really a TV commercial music but I don't know where else to post this. I saw the ad twice in the movies and the ad promotes a cellphone in a manner similar to the iPhone commercials (a narrator introduces you to the features of the phone). In the background a girl is singing and...
  7. K

    Bell Canada "Frames"

    Hello, I'm new here. I already tried doing a search for "Bell" and got many different threads, but they were all talking about the Bell Olympic Commercial, which is not what I wanted. There is a new commercial out from Bell, and it features people holding pictures of people that are holding a...