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    Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials

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    Cunk on Earth

    Hi, Can anyone identify the famous classical music that's playing in the background in the episode of 'Cunk on Earth 3. The Renaissance Will Not Be Televised', between time code 09:36 and 09:54? The show is viewable on iPlayer, where I'm watching it, and on Netflix too from what I've heard...
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    Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

    This song is Angels of Mercy by Patrick Cassidy. According to the person who uploaded it to Youtube... It is from a BBC series "Seven Wonders of the Industrial World." I am unable to find this song anywhere else. I was thinking a song this good would at least have made it to iTunes where Patrick...
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    Wild Africa

    I'm trying to ID the music in one of the trailers for the BBC Films 2001 production "Wild Africa." You can listen to it at the following URL: It's choral music with full orchestra. It is NOT from the soundtrack. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks.
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    Class (Doctor Who spin-off)

    Does anyone know what the trailer music is called in the trailer for Class (the new Doctor Who spin-off)?

    Merlin BBC

    The ending track is Extreme Music Library- Convincing (Directors Cuts)
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    100k House Final Fix At exactly 33m51s until 34m 21s in tonight's program (100k House The Final Fix on BBC2) some brief piano/ strings music - been looking for this track for a while and I know it's fairly well-known as I've heard...
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    RBS Inside The Bank That Ran Out Of Money

    Hello. I'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me what the track is that starts at 56.30 in the following video. Thanks! It sounds like it could be by John Barry, but I'm unsure.
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    World Cup's Most Shocking Moments

    Any one knows the name of the thrilling tune in this link:
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    The Magic of Mushrooms

    This quirky documentary about mushrooms featured some surprisingly good music. Has anyone seen it and knows the names of the songs? Specifically, I wanted to know about the song that appears around the 17:00 minute mark. It has a woman making a "oooooooooowoahhhahahaa" sound. Yeah, that's...
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    2014 Winter Olympics Sochi

    If you missed NBC's opening segment to the 2014 Winter Olympics, fear not, they have it online and the link is below, along with the music. It was narrated by Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage, check it out! ;)...
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    The Truth About Smoking Cannabis

    I am looking for the title of the tune played between 15:42 and 16:20 of the following video: I've heard it many places but I can't quite remember what it is called. Any help?


    First cue is Written in the stars by KPM Music
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    Doctor Who The Ultimate Guide

    Does anyone know the music for when the 10th Doctor defeated the Sycorax Leader? And I don't mean the music that played during the scene itself, but the music for when they were talking about the scene.
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    The Wonder of Dogs

    hi what was the music played in this programme please
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    Waterloo Road

    i amtrying to find out waterloo trailer song can anyone help me please thanks i really like it
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    James May My Sisters Top Toys

    Hi, Do anyone knows the name of the song that is played durin the opening credits? Starting at 00:29. Thanks
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    The Secret Life of Chaos

    tried Audiotag to no avail....guessing it's a 20th c. Phillip Glass-type composer. Anyone know the answer? Thanks in advance. cheers.
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    Rich Hall's Inventing the Indian

    what is the song or a movie its in? its at the very start of this documentary in the background?? driving me crazy!!
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    A History of Art in Three Colours

    The downtempo song playing in the background in this segment re. Yves Klein from History of Art in Three Colours: Blue. Many thanks!!