bank of america

  1. CDub

    Bank of America 2009

    This one has been haunting me for a long time and every once in a while I will start the search again... It was shown at the end of 2009 and I believe the theme was "Investing in People" or something. I recorded the song so the volume is not perfect: Any ideas or where I can start...
  2. B

    Bank of America "Investing"

    Does anyone know the name of the song heard in this commercial: They also have variations of this commercial for "Investing" in specific cities: (New York, San Francisco, Charlotte, Chicago, etc.) all with a version of the song. I believe the one I heard in Charlotte is around :60 long...
  3. S

    Bank of America

    I saw a new Bank of America ad on TV with a music. Anyone knows what is the name of it? I have heard this music several other places such as just before company conference calls for the earning reports so on and have been trying to find it. Any idea? This ad came out few days ago that...
  4. S

    Bank of America

    I am trying to find out the tune of the current Bank of America commercial on CNBC. It's the background music.
  5. D

    Bank of America

    Hey! Just wondering who composed the music that plays under a commercial of The Bank of America. Basically you see a screen with tekst that zooms out. As the text zooms out more text rolls into the screen. That is pretty much the commercial but very curious to the music. Does anyone know this...
  6. B

    Bank of America Home

    Does anyone know the name of the music, with performer / composer, of the new Bank of America - Home tv ad? I've been to their site to see if they list ads, etc., but don't even see an contact for this type of information - I guess they're in so much hot water tv ads are not their priority (they...
  7. E

    Bank of America "Doors"

    I just saw a Bank of America commercial on Comedy Central. It featured video shots of "american life" and seemed to have doors opening as a theme. All of the shots involve workers of some sort, from businessmen to road workers. There's also a football team thrown in there. The voiceover is...
  8. C

    Bank of America

    Anybody here know the song used in the latest Bank of America TV Ad? It features a serious sounding keyboard based melody. Thanks in advance.
  9. I

    Bank of America "Windows of Opportunity"

    This was another ad run during the Oscars from Bank of America. It's about people's dreams coming true. Any idea about the song? Ad is called "Windows of Opportunity" Thanks.
  10. R

    Bank of America from 2000

    does anyone know who recorded the music for bank of america's 2000 commercials during the olympics. i researched and found that the campaign was titled "why not?" and it was the one that had the 8-year old boy diving off the cliff, playing baseball, and daydreaming in the museum. if anyone can...