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    Dodge truck

    Not sure if this is a Dodge commercial or not. Guys' car breaks down and another guy agrees to pull their car with his truck. While one of the guys is riding shotgun with him they go through all these shots of them doing things as friends. A song plays that has some guy singing about being...
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    La Quinta Hotel

    I don't think it's scatman, it's not fast enough. And is that other song from the end of Blues Brothers, if it is, then that's not the song either. It's a cool song, but I haven't seen the commercial in a couple of days.
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    La Quinta Hotel

    I searched the forums and haven't found this so I'll ask. A couple of commercials for La Quinta Hotels are using this song. One has a man going through the metal detector at an airport and it keeps going off on him. The other has a kid in the back of his parents car throwing clothes out the...