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    Youtube video song

    I was going to suggest Explosions in the Sky. All their music sounds like that. So even though Farbeyond answered your question, you might wanna check Explosions in the Sky out 'cause all their music sounds exactly like that.
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    some suggestions?

    Massive Attack - "Angel" Led Zeppelin - "D'yer Maker" Jace Everett - "Bad Things" Deftones - "Change" Telepopmusik - "Don't Look Back" Prince - "Cream" I was going for that sultry, sexy vibe. You may or may not like all of those, but definitely give 'em a listen.
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    Top Gear

    I dunno what it is, but I love it. I hope someone recognizes it....
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    Help with a song?

    It looks like the video was probably made by the person who uploaded it. So, why don't you post a comment on the video and ask?
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    TV shows you think should NOT have ended

    Re: TV Shows you think should not have ended/canceled Ballz!!!! Where have you been? I really really really miss American Gothic. It was only on for one season and it was a-mazing!
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    Need help with youtube dance video

    I googled a ton of lyrics, but came up with nothing. She repeats "room service" a lot so maybe that's the name of the song? I couldn't find it though.
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    Sounds Like: Nirvana

    Could it be that new song by Tantric? "Down and Out" - Or it could be off the new Apocalyptica album. I think there are only two singles out now. This one - and this one -
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    Hello everyone

    Re: Hello everyone, Top o' the mornin' to ya. ;)
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    Sad and tragic original soundtracks

    Re: Sad and Tragic Original Soundtracks I love Philip Glass for this kind of music. Check out the soundtrack from The Hours. It's amazing. Also, some of my favorite composers of soundtracks are Thomas Newman and Harry Gregson Williams. They do a variety of different types of movie soundtracks...
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    sounds like...

    How about.... "Konstantine" - Something Corporate Any song by Explosions in the Sky Any song by Radio Dept. (I especially love "Pulling Our Weight") "Breathe" - Telepopmusik "Don't Look Back" - Telepopmusik "In the House - In a Heartbeat" - 28 Days Later Soundtrack
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    Adtunes is Dead

    Hahaha. I've become hooked since I asked about that horror movie I was looking for. I'm also on but I've been there since before I was on here. I mostly use it for work stuff.
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    Adtunes is Dead

    I'm still here! I'm just having to split time between here and another forum I love. :)
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    Top 5 Edward Norton Roles

    Brought this thread back to say that the newer Hulk was great, and Edward Norton was amazing as always. Has anyone seen Pride and Glory? I haven't had a chance yet.
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    New Look

    How come my avatar doesn't show up where it used to under my name? It shows up on my profile, but not under the name anymore.... Nevermind. Found the answer in my "options". :)
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    What are you listening to right now?

    "Stop Running Away" - Telepopmusik