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    AT&T backpackers

    Not sure if either of these has been asked/answered; I didn't find anything using search. In case anyone was wondering... Saw a general ATT commercial. The song is called "Coffee Shop" by Landon Pigg. Also used in a diamond commercial.
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    JCPenney "Stepping Up Our Style"

    Unbelievable is no longer available from the Sleepy Rebels' MySpace page, but it is now available from iTunes.
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    Chrysler 300

    I'm looking for this song also. There's a female voice singing, and the only words I can make out are: This is me This is me This is me Come and take a ride with me This is me Here's the link to the commercial: Any ideas?
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    Unknown car commercial CGI flowers

    Based on the description I'm thinking it was probably an environmentally friendly car, but I don't know what make. I think I remember seeing the commercial.
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    2008 Summer Olympics Beijing

    Thanks! :D
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    2008 Summer Olympics Beijing

    Anyone know what happened to the post that listed the the songs in the Laure Manaudou piece on NBC? I saw the post yesterday and was planning on coming back to it, but can't it find it now. The link returns an error.
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    Dell XPS M1350 laptop

    OK this is probably dumb, but does anyone "get" the commercial? He's taking pictures with his girl -- got that. He crops one -- got that. Then at the end it looks like he's with another girl. So what's the point?
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    Ford Focus

    Never mind. I think the one I'm looking for is the the Kings of Leon song.
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    Ford Focus

    I tried using search, but didn't find anything. The music is upbeat and sort of rockish. The commercial starts out with 2 guys in a Ford looking at a sign that says <some_city> <short_mileage>, Los Angeles 420. The driver says "you buy the food, I'll buy the gas?". They start on their road trip...
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    Gatorade G2

    It seems as if this has been answered, but when I first saw the commercial and heard the song, I thought of Wild Side by Marky Mark and the Funkybunch.
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    Can you give more details on the commercial itself?
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    Honda CR-V

    Honda CR-V. They also have popcorn popping and filling the car and a baking pizza one.
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    PBS promo

    Sweet, it was the White Stripes. Thanks! [/b] The Jack Johnson version is really good too. It's on the Curious George soundtrack.
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    I could have sworn I'd heard the song before, but I guess not.
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    Is it the same song that was in the movie Green Street Hooligans?