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    Ford Hybrid Commercial

    Just wondering if anyone here in canada has seen this commercial of a hybrid SUV, (definatly a Ford vehcile) driving through the country side. If anyone has seen it, does anyone know the song played during the commerical. I've only seen the last 15 seconds but remember it is a man voice, not a...
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    Jaguar XJ Commercial

    turn my camera on-spoon?
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    Fuji film commercial

    i remember that commercial as well, i live in canada so i've seen it but not for so long i tired to search on you tube but had no such luck the music was amazing classical mixed with an urban touch up
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    Carmelo Anthony M3

    i found the commercial anyone know the instrumental?
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    Lexus IS

    so does anyone know if grayson mathews is coming with out with a CD with this song, or anywhere i can download it?