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    Mitsubishi Eclipse

    Thank you So much!
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    Mitsubishi Eclipse

    I just saw a new Mitsubishi ad on WGN. The song has a female singer and is rock sounding. I can make out a few words only and lyric searches don't bring up anything. "Sharp right and I'm ready to rock." is the first line. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Blended Bailey's

    Anyone know the song playing over the new Bailey's commercial where it is just a blender crushing ice with Bailey's. I can't remember what they call the "drink". The Bailey's website doesn't have that commercial listed (unless it's because I selected Canada and it's on the US version of the...
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    St. Ives

    I hadn't seen the second commercial, thanks. I'm pretty sure its not Sarah MacLachlan now... similar voice but not quite the same. It does seem like the title would be Free as the wind blows but searching doesn't seem to help me so far. I'm totally obsessing now!
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    City TV Vancouver

    I've only seen this ad a couple times. It's a generic CityTV ad that shows flashes of a city (Toronto? Vancouver?) Its a male singer with a slowish tune and I have caught the following lyrics: "if all the world is fallin the sound of voices calling it strikes out all the things i like to see"...
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    St. Ives

    I've done a lyrics search to try and figure this one out but still no luck. It sounds a lot like Sarah MacLachlan and the line I caught best was "take in the beauty" Anyone know it? Thanks in advance! :)