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    80s (?) pop song thats KILLING ME!

    nah thats not it : ( but thanks for the input! : )
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    80s (?) pop song thats KILLING ME!

    theres this song i heard on the radio with this very 80s electronic beat and the singer was a girl that sounded a bit like Blondie (could have possibly been her but im not sure) and the only lyrics and can recall are "so next time you see him, could you please tell him: I have a boyfriend" and...
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    VH1 Commercial!

    im trying to figure out who does the song on the commercial for Winter on VH1 its a promo for "lift ticket to ride" or something and it has snowboarding on it and talks about the groundhog seeing his shadow and the song in the background says something like "standin' on the edge of the cliff"...