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    Car Ad (Mercedes?) from earlier 2003

    Not "I Only Have Eyes For You" and not any of the current TV ads posted on MB's site. Thanks for taking a shot at the answer. Don't recall a female vocal on the track: just instruments. The video Home*Runner describes does sound like the one I'm refferring to.
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    Old Navy Painters Pants

    Lost of versions over the years, yet, original hit recording was by The Four Lads. "Standing On the Corner," #3 on the Pop chart from 1956 on Columbia Records (now Sony). You can get it on a number of CDs. The commercial version was recorded specifically for that use.
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    Car Ad (Mercedes?) from earlier 2003

    Thanks for replying, however, it's not the Rouge Rouge song. Much more traditional-sounding tune. Middle-of-the-road instrumental; not ambient or world or any other contemporary genre. Any other thoughts? Merecedes site didn't load anything when I clicked on the TV commercial portion fo their...
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    Car Ad (Mercedes?) from earlier 2003

    Ad ran a lot in spring & summer 2003. Brain tells me it was for Mercedes. Black & white video. Shot from outside car driving through European-looking streets/buildings. May have been woman at opening of ad. Very lush, romantic instrumental music with prominent strings.