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    What brought you here..

    2 years ago i saw a national post commercial with the best song ive ever heard and i came upon this site and to this day i can never figure out what it was, also i think i used my first posts to look for the goldfrapp song to that gameboy commerical, strict machine i think
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    clip song

    Could someone tell me the name of the song to this clip and where i may have heard it?
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    I own the _______ Anthology.

    Daft Punk Tupac srry for the revive
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    Christmas target comemrcial

    This is a target commercial at a party where everyone is opening gifts and stuff, I think this is a techno remix of a song but i might not be but the words are like "boogey on down"
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    Chin-Ups or Pull-Ups

    i callem pull ups
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    Most songs ever

    I just learned tonight that late rapper Tupac Shakur had over 560 songs recorded and played on 28 cd's most of them still unreleased :blink: is there any artist out there that has more, im just curious, whats even more amazing is that he did all that in under 5 years
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    White sox win!!

    Anyone else just witness the white sox win the world series, im doing back flips over here, anyone else?
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Marcy Playground - sex and candy
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    Wierd things you do

    lol nah, hes almost 20 and he just got his ivisable/removable braces done and he always brags about how he has the best teeth in london (london ontario that is)
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    Wierd things you do

    my brother holds a closed fist infront of his mouth when he talks, always bothered me but im used to it now, maybe cause he doesnt want to do one of those little spit things on people
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    Wierd things you do

    i could but ive been doing it for so long i dont think i could go back to it lol people always make fun of me and saying i should eat my smarites with a spoon or something dumb like that Another weird thing i do is before i go to pour a drink i always, no matter what, blow in my cup, i dunno...
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    Wierd things you do

    I eat chocolate bars with a knife and fork cause i dont like having to lick my fingers cause i always have them in my pockets, so if i had chocolate on my fingers my pockets would get messy lol I heard some lady is addicted to eating boxes of crayons, like a whole crayola 64 set every night lol
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    What are you listening to right now?

    nujabes is freaking awesome! samurai champloo represent! :P but seriously, nujabes album "Metaphorical Music" is freaking awesome. oh yeah, that's what I'm listening to. [/b] hell yeah man
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    What are you listening to right now?

    battlecry - nujabes ft shing02
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    The funniest thing I've seen today

    Dane Cook is hilarious