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    Ford Escape "Go Further"

    Stock music or is this a real tune?
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    2013 Mercedes Benz C-Class "Bank"

    Anyone recognize the background on this one I suppose it could be from a music factory?
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    Star Trek

    Re: Star Trek XI This forum never lets me down. This is an awesome trailer and the score just puts it over the top. Just hope this doesn't turn out to be one of those cases where the trailer score outshines the actual movie score.
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    Drambuie soda
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    Liberty Mutual people helping others

    Nice work, it's a beautiful and moving short film. B)
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    Top Ad Music for 2005?

    ...and the award for best use of music in a commercial role for 2005 goes to...Cingular!! ...for consistently combining some great tunes with cleverly directed mini-films such as the 3 commercials that featured - Low Light Supercharger - Ticket to the World The Band - The Weight The Faders -...
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    Nissan Altima

    The beats and samples sound Chemical Brothers-ish but my suspicion is that it's a studio knockoff.
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    Thanks! B) Linked
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    Pantene Pro-V Expressions

    Is it this one?
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    Range Rover Supercharged "Timeless"

    Thanks sophist. B) Does anyone know if the mix in the commercial is actually on that single? The track selections on Amazon can drive one insane at times. :blink:
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    Anheuser-Busch "Thank You"

    Very simple and effective! Gives me the chills everytime I watch it. :) [/b] ditto B)
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    Subaru Outback

    It's the commercial with the Outback blasting through the snow? I'd like to know what that tune is also. I could be all wet but there is a sorta reverb effect in there that sounds suspiciously like a similar one on the Andy Hunter CD - Exodus, although that tune is not on the CD.
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    Smirnoff Ice Intelligent Night Life

    Any chance that the Chemical Brothers-ish techno tune playing on this commercial is not a commissioned work? I think it shows a blind guy (?) working as a night club doorman.
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    Best commercial ad song?

    OK, these are the current commercials that get me to stop what I am doing, watch, and that I actually enjoy watching: 1. William Shatner losing his job at Priceline. I love Shatner's hammy acting and the exchange with Leonard Nimoy. 2. The Acura RSX commercial on the in city "race track"...
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    Trimspa Anna Nicole Smith

    Some people... :rolleyes: