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    OK - It is Los High Tops In this case a departure - Los High Tops is playing a cover of music that "should be heard" (darn it! - there is some great stuff out there that never "made it"), instead of the original music that Hotwire usually features. It's a great song that never - ever emerged...
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    Hotwire Commercial -(With the Flute) The tune is a cover of long out-of-print Statesmen song. The name escapes me! It is Los High Tops doing the music - with a session flute player - and a special guest mouthing the "words." Unfortunatly it is not yet available for download on the Los High...
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    It is the same band - Los High Tops. But it's a remake of an early 60's song by The Statesmen. (No - not the Gospel group). They have done several commercials - each one a bit different musically
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    Hotwire - Music?

    I wanted to get a copy to use for my comparitive advertising class. I got an answer back from the band - Looks like an automated response with a gig list etc. . Maybe they are not allowed to talk too much about commercial recordings. I'm going to try again with Hotwire - I think they are in...
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    Hotwire - Music?

    Mr. Bootsy; Thanks - I can't find the song - the MP3s were some other vocal-type music. I sent them and email - but bands don't ususally respond.
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    Hotwire - Music?

    Nobody knows "nuttin" - the same response I got from HBO about the Aria at the end of last weeks Sopranos! What gives?
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    The Sopranos Season 5

    Still no answer! I have not been this enamored with a piece of music since the Bellini Il Pirata sting in "Angels in Amerika" on Broadway in the mid to late 90's. What the heck is that piece of music - Please!!!! HBO does not list it yet (or I can't find it)
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    Victoria's Secret "Angels in Venice" Bob Dylan Adriana Lima

    .. And I hate to admit it - but Dylan makes it a catchy ad.. I can't imagine it selling much lingere to 18 to 30 year olds though. :unsure:
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    Hotwire - Music?

    Hotwire had a press release about the commercial on their site and just said it was a Garage Band. I searched - but only came up with stuff about the old commercials.
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    Hotwire - Music?

    What was the rock music on Hotwire's commercial that starts in the taxicab? It was on ER in San Francisco on April 1, 2004