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    Does anyone know the music that was used in the trailer for the film Novitiate that came out in 2017? There are two pieces, I already know the first piece, but I can't find the music that starts at 0:39. It's a beautiful piano selection. Here's the trailer link: Thank you!
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    The Man Who Cried

    I apologize in advance if this has been posted before. I didn't see it and it's been bugging me for ages. I was wondering if anyone knows the music in this trailer? I think there are 3 separate pieces in the entire trailer. I especially want to know the music from 1:24-2:00... I could...
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    Over There FX

    I was wondering if anyone knew the rock song that's used in one of the latest commercials advertising the new FX show "Over There". Thanks so much!
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    Sea World

    Sorry if this has already been posted! I'm just wondering if anyone knows the dance type music playing in the Sea World commercial (at least I think it's sea world). There is a whale and other animals in the commercial. Thanks!
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    Discover Ireland

    I'm sorry if someone else posted this. I didn't see anything. I'm wondering if anyone knows the music used in the Irish travel commercial. The song is celtic and starts slow with voice, but then speeds up into a dance type of melody. It's very cool and I'm just wondering what it...
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    Thank you so much for trying to find it for me. The movie isn't out on DVD in the US that I know of, so I can't see the trailer on that. You're right that it's unusual that it's not on the DVD that you have--usually DVDs have the trailers. I have the video and the musid from the trailer is...
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    There isn't a trailer available online that I can find. Maybe someone would no a better place to check, but I've spent a lot of time looking. There are two musical pieces in the trailer, if I remember correctly. I believe the one I'm looking for is a violin piece. There is no choir, at least...
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    I just thought I would bump this up... Anyone have any ideas or even know the movie? I'm desperate to find this song.
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    Does anyone know the song that is in the Firelight trailer and/or where I can find the trailer? It's been used in a couple other trailers as well. The movie Firelight was limited release and starred Sophie Marceau and Stephen Dillane. I can't find the trailer anywhere now; it seems to have...