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    House Season 2

    I take that back - I AM helpful after all. LOL After a bit more searching, I found out it was in fact, Elvis Costello singing that cover. Unfortunately, it was recorded specifically for the show...but I don't know if that means it won't be on a cd sometime in the future. There may be a House...
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    House Season 2

    I was wondering that myself. I thoughti t sounded like Elvis Costello, but a search here: leads me to assume the cover is either by "Clem Snide" or "Alex Parks"...however, I looked these albums up on Amazon, and I know from listening...
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    Adult Swim "Meet Cute"

    Yes! That is the song! Thank you so much (and I'm sorry I didn't reply earlier)...but that is the commercial and the song - and Frank, that is a kick-arse song, I must say. :-) Thanks, Lena.
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    Does anybody know the song played during the TIAA-Cref ads? One takes place in a hospital, and one in what looks like a college classroom. The same song is used in both, and it's a slow song with a male vocalist. Lena
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    Adult Swim "Meet Cute"

    Adult Swim "Meet Cute" Does anyone know what song is being played during the "Meet Cute" advertisement on Adult Swim? It's for the various anime shows played during Adult Swim, and it features clips of all the girl characters on those show. The song has sort of a punky girl-band sound.
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    Sundance channel "music" ad?

    Does anyone know what song is played during the "music" commercial on Sundance? It's exclusively a Sundance channel commercial, because it's for music-related documentaries they show every week. A quote from Beethoven is shown, and then they show clips of various documentaries and musicals while...