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    Ghost Whisperer Season 3

    oops, my bad. I re-listened to "The Moment I Said It".. it is in fact the song. Sorry bout that :) I don't remember it being such a beautiful song.
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    Ghost Whisperer Season 3

    I agree it's likely Imogen Heap or Frou Frou, but not that song. It's one I've not heard before. Still searching.
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    Dentyne Blast

    It's absolutely not the song by The Donnas. It reminds me of a song I heard by Trentemoeller called Moan, but I know it's not that. Going to continue my search.. -Laura
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    Hallmark Channel Love's Unending Legacy

    I believe the song you're talking about is "Am I Losing You" by Anika Paris. Her myspace page is here and her record label's website is here. Enjoy! Laura
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    Close to Home

    Sounded a bit like Seal to me, though I'm not sure that he's done anything recent. Wish I'd kept the episode so I could look up the lyrics. Thought for sure when I got here someone would have answered this question already. Ooops! -Laura
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    Sex and the City Season 2

    "Tere Bin Nahin Lagda / Jaania" Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan album: unknown (remix available on "Bend It Like Beckham Soundtrack") Scene: Steve calls Miranda and asks her to look at the moon. -Laura
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    Macy's "From Me To You"

    The female version of "From me to You" sounds a lot like Joanna Jahn to me (the Payless Bizarre Love Triangle singer), though her webpage doesn't mention the Macy's ad, so I'm probably wrong. Just thought I'd throw that out there. -Laura
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    How I Met Your Mother Season 1

    The song I was looking for was Rachel Yamagata - Quiet. The last song of the episode is Robin Hackett - Hard Left, confirmed by Robin Hackett herself here: -Laura
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    How I Met Your Mother Season 1

    Can't edit my first post, so I'm replying to this post to say sorry I typed the wrong year. The episode in question is from 2006, titled "Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M." Thanks again in advance.
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    How I Met Your Mother Season 1

    Can anyone tell me what song was playing during the recap of Robin's day leading to her phone call to Ted? Female singer, that's all I can remember. Anyone? Thanks! Laura
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    I have not seen this commercial, and I know you said it wasn't The Cure, but could it be the cover of "Just Like Heaven" by Katie Melua? Or possibly "Orange Crush" by REM? "Angel Baby" by Angelica or a cover of this song? Female singer? Male singer? I wish I'd seen the commercial. -Laura
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    CSI Season 5

    Just so you know, Costanza's song "I've Been Waiting For You" will be making its debut on Aural Bliss at Auralgasms Radio this Sunday 10/16/05. The show airs from 10pm-12am EST. Ex Mandalay singer Nicola Hitchcock will be joining Auralgasms Chat that night as well. Link to Auralgasms Radio is...
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    No problem :) Just so you know, the song can be heard in it's entirety tonight on Aural Bliss. In about 20 mins or so. The link is in my signature if you're interested. -Laura
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    Payless Shoesource

    After seeing the commercial a few more times, I'm thinking it is probably the version by Commercial Breakup, as I said in the original thread. Hard to say for sure though since it's only about 8 seconds of the chorus. Can't find a link to a sample for this version. -Laura
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    Victoria's secret 2002 ad by michel bay

    That is Leftfield - Inspection: Check One, from their album Leftism.