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    Chase Mary Tyler Moore theme

    Based on the decription I'm assuming it's Joan Jett and the Blackhearts "Love is All Around" (featured in "Drop Dead Gorgeous").
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    Chevy Cavalier 2002

    :blink: Ohhh, now I just don't know...I definitely dig the song by Ringside, but I don't think that's much as I can tell from a 30 second clip. I wish they'd bring that commercial back so I could hear it again...not b/c I'd actually like to buy a Cavalier!
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    Chevy Cavalier 2002

    Normally I wouldn't freak out about the potential for finding a song, but I've been absolutely stonewalled trying to find this song, so it's become an obsession! I'll have to give Ringside a listen...thanks for your suggestion!
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    Chevy Cavalier 2002

    OH MAH GAWD!!! I have been looking for this song forever, too!!! And no responses??? I'm slogging through old posts, so maybe I missed the answer, but if anyone knows this song, I would be most appreciative!!!