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    London 2012 The Official Video Game

    Anyone have any idea how to get a copy of or extract the music from the new London 2012: Official video game? Specifically this theme...
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    Dramatic music used in Youtube video.

    Hey all, I know this is a long shot, however, you're all such a great resource so I figured I'd run this video past you and see if anyone could identify what the name of the track is at 2:33 Again the specific track is at 2:33. Really getting a strong Thomas Newman vibe from it, but I...
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    Top Gear

    Music from Top Gear Alpha 8C review! Hello all! Long time viewer first time poster. I am coming to you today with a bit of a hard one. The piece of I am looking for can be found at the 0:17 mark of this video: It was also used in the most recent...