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    YES!! This is it! Thanks so much, Chillinvillian! Appreciate the help! :)
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    Hi All, I'm trying to figure out the name & artist of the song featured in this Palladia ad that airs regularly right now on VH1 Classic. Unfortunately, I can't make out any of the lyrics due to the live crowd sounds heard during the music. Any help is appreciated!
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    The Client List

    curtaincallent, Thanks! Hope to see a full-length version available for purch soon.
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    The Client List

    I'd like to know the song as well. I wasn't able to discern anymore of the lyrics to help with identifying it, though...
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    Lipton Ice Tea

    Sweet!! Thanks so much, ValHarris! That's it!
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    Fright Night

    Yes thanks so much to you both for finding this. It was driving me nuts I wanted to know so badly but now I can sleep again :D Now on to iTunes for the download yay!
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    Fright Night

    Seriously!! I've been all over the 'net tonight trying to figure this out and no one knows, apparently. Heck, I even pulled out Shazam on my phone to see if it could match it but I guess there was too much background noise in the trailer to pull the music out. I'm bumpin' this thread cos I wanna...
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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

    I'm not sure if this qualifies for "ad" music, but in my searches for Naruto music I haven't heard this particular piece anywhere else but on the website for the game coming out next month. If anyone can point me in the direction of the composer and the name of the this...
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    Rise of the Argonauts

    Hi! I know that Tyler Bates does the score for this game, so I'm assuming he's also responsible for the music in the trailer (It sounds a lot like his work from '300'), but I can't seem to find any information on whether the soundtrack is/will be available or what the name of this particular...
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    Last of the Mohicans

    Earlier poster was correct; it IS Promontory. I had the CD from way back when and just listened to the track; that part is included in the 6:13 version of it. Why they'd go in and remove those seconds is beyond me--if it ain't broke, don't fix it!! But yeah, you're probably going to have to...
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    Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End

    Speaking of At World's End, I'm trying to figure out if the score playing right when the Dutchman crew is about to take Will's heart (about 2hrs 22mins in) is anywhere on the soundtrack released? I purchased it from iTunes, but haven't run across that particular peace (some that sound similar)...
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    Sixteen Candles

    Does anyone know who sang the song in the scene where Sam & Randi were first coming into the gym @ the dance? supposedly it's uncredited (as far as the OST) but I'm not positive about that since I haven't been able to listen to any track listings for some of the songs I'm not familiar with. The...
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    The Patriot

    Thanks Leone, that's it!! :D
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    A Fine Frenzy song

    Does anyone know the name of the song A Fine Frenzy played on Jay Leno tuesday night? I only caught the last 20-30 sec worth but really liked it. Unfortunately I was also half-asleep and can't recall any lyrics. I tho't if I listened to the samples on Amazon it would help jog my memory, but it...
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    The Patriot

    I know this is uber-old, but the search here couldn't find any other questions about this although i KNOW there had to have been some (probably around the time the film came out, lol). Does anyone know either the name of the music used or the composer's name to the theatrical trailer music used...