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    I'm actually wondering about that classical song in the Monster-In-Law trailer as well ... anyone happen to be well-versed in that area?
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    Hamlet 2

    Hi all, I was wondering what the music is at 33 seconds in (:33) up to :48 in the Hamlet 2 red band trailer. The trailer can be found here: It reminds me a bit of The Fratellis' song "Chelsea Dagger," but it's not a perfect fit. Just as a disclaimer, it is a red band trailer, so don't watch...
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    Vera Drake

    Hi all, I'm wondering what the final song of the Vera Drake trailer is. It can be seen here: The part I'm looking for is after a woman says, "You always do, don'tcha?" The cue starts with a white flash transition followed by Vera...
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    30 Rock

    Hello, Does anyone know the music that plays over the opening credits in the Pilot episode of the TV show "30 Rock"? (This isn't the main saxophone theme that plays in later episodes - this is the pilot episode, where Tina Fey's character gives hot dogs to random people on the street). As far...
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    Lexus "Moments"

    If you're talking about the "December to Remember Sales Event" commercial music, that song is called "Friends and Family" by Killer Tracks. You can hear a sample at Hope this helps, BT7
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    For Your Consideration

    Final Edit!! Sorry, I just can't figure out how to edit previous posts. The song is indeed from "To Die For," and it's "Suzie's Theme." A sample can be heard here: Thanks for spurring my motivation!! :lol:
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    For Your Consideration

    Edit in addition to last post: wasn't working for me earlier today. It's up now, and I see the one listing "To Die For" by Danny Elfman. The music sounds Elfman-ish, so I'm guessing that's it. Does anyone know which track it is (or if it's even from this soundtrack)? Thanks again!
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    For Your Consideration

    Oops, I'm sorry, I totally forgot!! Sorry about that!
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    For Your Consideration

    Hello all, In the "For Your Consideration" trailer, there's a theme which I know I've heard before...somewhere. It's a lighthearted theme, sounds almost like a kid's movie. It starts about halfway through the trailer, when Ricky Gervais is telling people to "tone the themes down a little bit"...
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    Visa Check Card

    I agree with someone above - the music is incredibly close to the Main Titles of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. James Horner DID get in legal battles because of plagiarizing music for the score ... when was the song released? :unsure:
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    Children of Men

    I believe the song you're looking for is called "Stem-Long Stem" by DJ Shadow. You can find it on iTunes here. Hope this helps! -BT7
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    Flushed Away

    No, it's the beginning part of the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind teaser - with Tom Wilkinson in an advertisement for Lacuna, Inc. It's also the beginning of the Flushed Away trailer. In case anyone downloads from iTunes, there was a free video a while back called the Best of Sunny...
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    Flushed Away

    I knew it. I heard it somewhere else. Still don't know the name of the song, though... Here's a bit longer clip. It's in the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind teaser trailer. Hope this helps!! (P.S.
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    Flushed Away

    Hey all, Does anyone know the song used in the Flushed Away trailer (the second one) which can be seen at : ? The one I'm referring to is the first song that plays - "Experts say that 73% of household accidents happen in one...
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    Yoplait yogurt

    I'm looking for this too : the closest I've come is Ron Dante, but that's not the version I think you're looking for - the guy I'm thinking of has some sort of accent. If you're interested in the Ron Dante TV spot, here it is: (click on "Yoplait TV Spot" on the right...