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    Junior Member dahlyla's Avatar
    Sep 2009

    Default Re: United States of Tara

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    This took me a lot of replaying of the episode and trying to determine the lyrics to figure out so i thought i would post it here for anyone else who may be searching.

    In episode 8 towards the end (8ish minutes til the end of the ep) when Kate is listening to a song on her apple laptop, the band/song is "Cansei De Ser Sexy - I Fly"

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    Junior Member suziequzie's Avatar
    Jan 2010

    Default Re: United States of Tara

    Also, I don't know if anyone has touched on this one yet. I just watched the whole season and LOVED IT, and then I found this website.

    Anyways, I'm almost positive Satellite Heart by Anya Marina

    I really can't remember which scene it was in, but it was only the acoustic and beginning of that song, anyways I guess I'll re post if I find which scene it is!


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    Jan 2010

    Default Re: United States of Tara

    Lucky - Kat Edmonson
    is avaliable as the free download for the day from this site.

    I am stoked because Amazon won't let non US customers (me) buy MP3s from their site.

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    Junior Member kfs's Avatar
    Mar 2010

    Default Re: United States of Tara

    Does anyone know the song from episode 8 that Kate is listening to on her computer when Gene drops off the DVD?

    THANK YOU! I've searched everywhere

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    Feb 2009

    Default Re: United States of Tara

    Also at the end of episode 1 season 2 when "Buck" goes into the bar the country song playing is Broken Heart For Sale by Heather Myles.

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    Jun 2010

    Default Re: United States of Tara

    Episode 1 – Pilot:
    T appears for the first time
    Cheap and Cheerful by The Kills
    T checks her MySpace page
    My Bubble Gum by Rasheeda
    Buck appears for the first time
    Souljacker Part I by Eels
    The Gregsons go bowling
    Cocaine by Eric Clapton
    Love of the Loveless by Eels
    Episode 2 – Aftermath:
    Alice appears for the first time
    Flyswatter by Eels
    Closing credits
    Garbage by Chairlift
    Episode 3 – Work
    Closing credits
    Straight Lines by Dawn Landes
    Episode 4 – Inspiration
    Closing credits
    Lucky by Kat Edmonson
    Episode 5 – Revolution
    Kate and Gene leave the party
    Take it Back by Barenaked Ladies
    Closing credits
    Fine is Fine by Peasant
    Episode 6 – Transition
    When Gene and Kate have sex
    Dream Police by Cheap Trick
    Closing credits
    Second Chance by Liam Finn
    Episode 7 – Alterations
    Tara’s video interview/Max looks up Trip
    Tricycle by Psapp
    Closing credits
    Only a Show by I Monster
    Episode 8 – Abundance
    Alice’s miscarriage/Closing credits
    The Wolves (Act I and II) by Bon Iver
    Episode 9 – Possibility
    Kate and Tara start their road trip
    Keep Your Eyes Ahead by The Helio Sequence
    End montage/Closing credits
    That Knot Unties? by David Karsten Daniels
    Episode 10 – Betrayal
    Marshall burns down the shed
    Good Morning Heartache by Billie Holiday
    Episode 11 – Snow
    Dinner with Nick, Marshall, and Charmaine
    Sic of Elephants by Andrew Bird
    Tara and Max talk on the phone
    Arms of Harm by Haley Bonar
    Episode 12 – Miracle (Season Finale)
    The Gregsons go bowling (again)
    Love of the Loveless by Eels Listen

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