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Continuing the recent trend of advertisers commissioning "indie alt pop female singer-songwriters" to create ad music, new TV commercials for the Chevrolet Cobalt feature an exclusive track by Canadian singer Lily Frost. The ad follows a driverless blue Chevy Cobalt Sedan touring around city streets ending with a "Are you in?" tagline. The spot uses the song "The Two of Us", which is a duet by Frost and her husband JosÚ Miguel Contreras.

Lily Frost (aka Lindsey Davis) is no stranger to licensed music exposure -- her work has appeared in an episode of the TV show Grey's Anatomy, a commercial for The Bay department stores, and several other TV and movie soundtracks.

Responding to "popular demand" for the previously unreleased Chevy Cobalt song, Lily Frost's Aporia Records label has released a compilation album of her session songs called Flights of Fancy, with the Chevy ad song "The Two of Us" included as a hidden track on the release. It's welcome news to see a record label responding to fan requests by offering a piece of commercial music to the public, rather than being forced to disappoint a willing market for this type of unreleased ad music. Moral of the story for the music labels: record a full-length version of an ad song rather than just a 30 second "it's only for a TV ad" version.