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    Jan 2011

    Default Re: Above the Influence anti-drug ads

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    yea its a pretty tough subject im looking for it right now

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    Jul 2011

    Question Re: Above the Influence anti-drug ads

    Hi me and my sister were discussing old above the influence commercials and I recalled one where two young boys were sitting on a dock and they got stoned. The one boy happened to had fall in the lake and began drowning. Anyway, the other lad was just sitting on the dock staring off into no where because of how high he was. But I was explaining it to her and we wanted to find it and i looked everywhere for it on youtube, google, their website but no luck. If anyone knows which one im talking about and can convince me that im not just crazy lol then that would be great. and if you could post a link to the actual commercial that would be mostly appreciated as well.

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