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Hello! First time posting to a forum since I'm usually very good at this on my own.

Was watching an ad for The Smithsonian Channel's show called "Boomtowners". The song reminds me of something like Kongos in terms of music and vocals, but as far as I know it's not. There's a narration over the second line in the ad, so I can't understand the lyrics. This is what I've got, and I can't find a link to the ad itself. The lyrics in green are ones that I definitely understand. Obviously, it's nearly impossible for me to find during a google search. It's a rock song, with like, "marching drums" and a steady guitar, which is why it made me think of Kongos first–it sounds like "Come With Me Now"

************00FF00"]"Follow me to the promised land, where the[/COLOR] [—] ************00FF00"]is free and the[/COLOR] others[?] land[?]

I hope someone can help, THANK YOU!