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    May 2006

    Default "Like"-Style Button?

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    Many forums are starting to add "Like" buttons to posts. Is there a possibility of this forum adding something like that?

    I was thinking maybe you could have a button called something like "I Want To Know This Too" instead of just "Like." Then, for questions that have already been answered, you can click I Want To Know This to show gratitude or interest, and for questions that have not already been answered, you can click the button to indicate that you also want the answer.

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    Dec 2002

    Default Re: "Like"-Style Button?

    Thanks, happy to look into using a "Thank You" style mod in the way you mentioned.

    In case everyone didn't know, each post has a Facebook Like button under the top "Reply" button and there is also the Reputation button at the bottom of each post's username/avatar/info area.
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