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    Default How TV Ruined Your Life

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    Ok. During an episode of the show I noticed this music that I've heard on another movie before but I can't pinpoint where it's from. You may not be able to hear the music so well because the host is talking through it. There is a bit of language but nothing absence. I just wanted to point that out just in case anyone is uber-against swearing.

    It starts at 11:00 and you can see in the comments I already asked and all you have to do is hit the link and it'll skip to the part for you. If you've never heard it before or can't place where you've heard it (like me), it might help if you suggest similar music. I've found quite a few songs because people mention similar ones and it's a game of connect the dots from there.

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    Default Re: How TV Ruined Your Life

    Found it! It's Beethoven - 7th Symphony 2nd Movement.

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