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In the 2006 movie Surrender Dorothy, with Diane Keaton, there's a scene near the beginning when the daughter (Alexa Davalos) and her friend (Tom Everett Scott?) have just arrived at the beach house and Sarah (the daughter) is dancing on the roof with headphones on. Does anyone know what the song is that she's dancing to? It's got Asian (I think) lyrics, so I can't quote anything!, but it's got such a lovely gentle rythym(sp?!) to it, I'd love to find it somewhere.

Thanks, dely
I haven't seen the movie, but when I read through the Surrender Dorothy forum on the title given to the song was "Simple and Clean" by Utada Hikaru.
Thanks so much for the info. IMdB was the 1st place I looked, but there was no soundtrack info & I didn't think to try the forums. I've done more research now w/ your info as a starting point, and there are English lyric & Japanese lyric versions of the same song on a couple of her CDs. Appreciate the help.
Hi all, this is dely again coming back to my original question about the song by the female Japanese singer. It's used in the scene I described in my first post, and also later in a scene where the mother (Diane Keaton) is frantically cleaning the entire house with her daughter's headphones on and same song playing. The reason I've come back with the same question is that I finally got around to buying the CD that the song is supposed to be on, and the song it's supposed to be (per prevs poster, "Simple and Clean", japanese version of which is called "Hikari") just doesn't sound like the song I recall from the movie.

Now I realize it's been a few months since I saw the movie and posted the question, but I'm wondering if anyone else might have any info on this???

Thanks, dely

Realize I may be beating a dead horse here, but please, please, please, is there anyone out there who can clarify this mystery for me? I just loved the song in the movie, but it *so* doesn't sound like "Hikari" on Deep River, which is the Japanese version of "Simple and Clean" and the song in the movie had only Japanese lyrics every time it played. Help?!
I recently came across this website in search for one song. I know this answer is super late...
But the song is called, Set Me Free - v1 (FullMix) by: Alan Paul Ett

This song is from a local various artist. And you can find it on

And whoever said it was by Utada Hikaru... You were wrong...
"Hikari" AKA "Simple & Clean" was Utada's debut song for the videogame release 'Kingdom Hearts' at the time.

Though the rhythm in this particular song sounds very similar. Hoped this helped.
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