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I have had this tune in my head since I was a child. I've been wanting to hear it all my life. I *think* it was from a Volkswagen commerical of the early 1970's. I say that because years later I recall seeing the commerical (I think) pop up on a Dick Clark Bloopers show and that's where the memories came flooding back after hearing the tune. Even this recollection is very fuzzy and unclear. It might in fact be an actual song that I heard when my Mom had the radio on. Best case scenario would be that perhaps it was a song VW used for their commerical??

Ok now for some details: It's light...very melodic, liltingly soft piece (almsot haunting to me now years later). What I hear in my head I would describe as classic 1970's Easy Listening genre. It's either or both instrumental or vocal. I can only hum a few notes, but what I recall is vocal (female voices)....maybe an instrumental arrangement coming in....string instruments in nature I think, not fully symphonic, but close?? It might in fact be only instrumental but something with an easy to hum melodic tune.

Now for the embaressing part: the best I can do is type what I've heard in my head my entire life. Goes something like: BA De DaDa or DA DeDaDa.

if I can remember any more detials, I'll add a follow up post.

If there is *ANY ONE* out there that can help me place this song, I will be forever in debt! If you need some more information, I'm not sure if I can add anymore than whats here, but I'll try.

This has been driving me crazy for 20+ yrs!!!!! :)

Hey Steve.. try this..
Someone did it once before and it wound up working out in their favor. Can you read music? Do you have something, a guitar or keyboard, that you can pick out the tune? If so, post the notes for us.. someone might be able to recognize it that way..
Thanks Dascoot! I took piano when I was about 11 or so, and a little Violin before that. I can still *barely* read sheet music for Piano, and even then only for the right hand! Guess I should have continued with the Piano! :) Even worse is that I don't think I can really hold a tune very well. LOL. If I'm able to find a piano perhaps i can just sit down and try and tickle the ivorys until something sounds close to what i hear in my head ( and then post the notes here)...though as i said it might be hard for me to transfer the tune. I just don't have the musicality in me. HA!

Thanks for your suggestions Dascoot. Much appreciated.
Why don't you just buy a bunch of those easy listening 70s cd's you see advertised on tv late at night?
I can add some information I should have before about the commericial I saw on the Dick Clark show.

What I remember is a completly white set/soundstage with a man standing next to the VW. For some weird reason I think he was holding an umbrella. But why I think this I don't know.

Man, this has been like a long running strange dream for me now...going on 20...25 yrs. I need that soundtrack to this dream :)

For those who want to hear a happy ending to mystery I've been trying to answer for somewhere close to 25 years or so, and gain a little music knowledge in the process gather round ya' all! :)

Back on Jan 17, 04' I posted.

Dascoot was quick to reply with some suggestions. Unfortunately I was not able to ID the song. That is until this evening!

While in the middle of some web surfing/research about a particular soft drink I like, I came upon a reference to the song "Music To Watch Girls By". The website I was at describes the history of this song: "Many remember a sort of advertising war between these diet soft drinks in the mid-1960's. The best known of these advertising campaigns came along in 1967 with the debut of Diet Pepsi. Girl watching or should I say, the "art" of girl watching was a big thing in the 1960's. Pop music man Bob Crewe wrote a catchy tune for Diet Pepsi radio and TV spots and "Music To Watch Girls By" was born.
The Diet Pepsi/Girl Watching campaign was very successful. The music was so good; Bob Crewe had a hit with the instrumental track, as did Andy Williams with lyrics."

For some reason, being curious about this song I "googled" it in the iTunesMusic Store. The album Tune in, Turn on to the Hippest Commercials of the Sixties came up. "Music to Watch Girls By" was not the song however. Though I did recognize it. But pay dirt was just a couple clicks away. I had a weird feeling that I was close, after 25 years! I knew my song was probably from the late 60's or early 70's, and had a Herb Alpert swinging hip feel to it. If it was to be included anywhere it would be on this collection. Sure enough...number 3 on the list: "The Disadvantages of You." FINALLY!!! The song was created by The Brass Ring, and Phil Bodner and used for a Benson & Hedges cigarette commercial (when cigarette commercials were still legal on TV) For near 40 years I've had a cigarette commercial bouncing around in my head!!!!

What's amazing is that when you listen to the song, and compare it to the description from my original post, my description was almost dead on I think, even after all these years. :)

So for those of you still searching for that elusive jingle, don't give up!

indeed that is very awsome, just goes to show you how much music effects our life. ever since i picked up the trumpet ive been happier in life. LONG LIVE MUSIC
Hahahaha...that's funny. Now had you been closer or been able to "sing" the song to me, I could have told you that one!!! My parents were smokers and I can remember all the "jingles" for Camels, Winstons, Marlboros, etc. I have a collection of old ads and sure enough, your song was there under "Benson and Hedges".

If you recall, a typical commercial showed a man sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper and smoking his cigarette. The cigarette would burn through the paper because it was sooooooo much longer than other brands he was used to. Can also remember seeing his cigarette getting caught in an elevator, smashed on a car window as he turned to look at something, etc. The "disadvantage of smoking the long cigarette"!!

Hope you can sleep well now!